scrub oak in a sentence

Example sentences for scrub oak

The last brown scrub oak leaves curling closed toward winter.
Tracks in the snow have taught me that several kinds of birds stay near the scrub oak trees.
It was the kind of scrub oak that would whip you in the face if you tried to run through it.
Mule deer peek out from behind desert scrub oak, as vultures soar high overhead.
They prefer scrubs with scrub oak trees and bare or sparsely-vegetated ground.
All species except scrub oak declined from last year's estimate.
The area also offers wetlands and wet meadows surrounded by scrub oak hillsides, croplands, and sagebrush below the dam.
The foothill zone often consists of dry, rocky slopes featuring shrubs such as mountain-mahogany and several kinds of scrub oak.
The campground is forested with maple, scrub oak and fir trees, which offer plentiful shade and pretty fall color.
High elevations and dry ridges are covered with pitch pine-scrub oak and mixed oak forest communities.
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