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Example sentences for scrub

Wash the mussels well and scrub the shells with a brush.
But on occasion rescue teams arrive on scene in time to scrub the birds' feathers clean and prevent calamity.
Once the water cools, plunge the silver pieces into warm, soapy water and scrub with a clean cloth.
Wash and scrub with a brush two quarts clams, changing water several times.
Wash and scrub with a brush one-half peck clams, changing the water several times.
Scrub, peel and/or clean the vegetables you have selected.
Nor did they have what one would need to clean a toilet-disinfectant, a scrub brush, gloves.
She also was able to scrub in to observe medical procedures.
Sometimes they shift into forms of ostriches and run out over the desert scrub.
Add a small amount of the soft scrub mixture to a microfiber cleaning cloth and scrub sinks, tile and bathroom fixtures.
We headed out in a truck along narrow red dirt trails through thick scrub.
Mechanism by which microbes scrub radioactive contamination revealed.
Vendors say they re-sell the data for research purposes and scrub it of identifying information first to protect patient privacy.
Scrub these from the core and offerings would no doubt shrink further.
Sterilize or scrub pasta sauce jars with hot soapy water before reusing them.
If water is not available at the picnic site, bring enough to scrub clams and mussels.
But they are worth the effort that is required to soak, scrub and boil them.
Scrub bricks with burlap to eliminate any mortar stains.
Scrub the surface with a stiff bristle brush and rinse.
Moist places, such as streamsides, in more or less open forest or in coastal scrub.
There is no known process to scrub the greenhouse gases in a coal-based energy plant.
While you can pause and scrub forward and back on programming, you are a captive audience to the ads.
If tiny new potatoes are not available, use large ones, scrub and cut into eighths.
Sprinkle the toilet bowl with baking soda, then add white vinegar and scrub it with a brush.
There it will stay hidden in the scrub to serve as a radio repeater for the signal from the tiny bug left inside.
She's since tried to wash, scrub and even freeze her pants in order to remove the stubborn substance.
The circulating nurse can move about the room, but the scrub nurse does not move from the surgeon's shoulder.
But without extensive irrigation the plants will die and both farming and natural ecosystems will be replaced by scrub and desert.
Scrub jays appear to be able to remember particular events, and woodpecker finches are known for using tools to obtain food.
De-beard the mussels, scrub the shells and rinse them throughly in cold running water.
Artwork displays on the phone's screen, you can scrub tracks and video and browse all your playlists.
Down in the scrub brushes and the brambles rose a column of pink smoke.
Normally, the forest floor is cleared by fire every few years, and the palmetto scrub layer stays small.
The last brown scrub oak leaves curling closed toward winter.
Then we'd use braking mode to scrub off speed without hitting the brake pedal.
Scrub stubborn spots with a bristle brush that has been dipped in the same solution.
Scrub any fabric parts or accessories gently with the homemade brush, rinsing and wringing out as needed.
If the target is too close to one of these, ground commanders will scrub the mission.
Since it's environmentally friendly, you won't have to scrub down the planet after you're done.
Laboratory studies show that western scrub jays can know another bird's intentions and act on that knowledge.
Scrub grime from stubborn areas with a bristle brush dipped in the same solution.
Look into the conservation lab, and there's the old flag stretched out as though waiting for the surgeon to scrub up.
The ascent levels off at a wide, rolling plateau of scrub, sheep and a few quiet villages.
Their chief source of protein is the scrub and vegetation along the way.
Scrub the mussels in running water and cut away their beards.
There is no natural obstruction to the view more substantial than the waist-high scrub.
Scrub the potatoes, dry them, and poke them each a few times with a fork.
Soon not a tree or even a scrap of scrub was in sight-and no sign of habitation, not even a ger.
Rather than fuss with cleaning products, guests were told to scrub the floor with water and newspaper.
Moreover, it is easier to scrub the pollution generated by a single power station than it is by thousands of individual vehicles.
These little rodents live in the scrub habitats of the desert they're named after.
They can forage, eating bugs and scrub vegetation, and household food scraps.
More than a hundred people milled around holding brooms and scrub brushes: the protesters had transformed into a cleanup crew.
We had dozens of maples, mostly scrub, but maples nevertheless.
Leaving the desert, the road mounted through scrub and thin, hardwood timber.
One of my jobs was to scrub the nicotine off the walls and baseboards.
The answer is dead obvious, but nobody is trying to scrub water vapor from the air.
For the tub and tiles, cut a lemon in half and dip it in borax, then scrub by hand and rinse.
Be sure to scrub all parts of your hands, including under the fingernails.
Tracks in the snow have taught me that several kinds of birds stay near the scrub oak trees.
Working at peak efficiency, it took an average of forty-five minutes to scrub the oil off a penguin.
The replaced vegetation could be scrub forest and abandoned farmland, not presently being used for producing food or timber.
It was the kind of scrub oak that would whip you in the face if you tried to run through it.
Unwrap your foot and scrub the areas with a pumice stone.
Many felt their skin prickle and were told to scrub down.
It's chinoiserie lite-scrub bed and gelded of any heritage and hospitality.
Take the luggage outside and scrub every nook and cranny with a stiff scrub brush.
Natural features include canyons, hills, scrub lands and forests.
Another species of bird, the scrub jay, has challenged our supposedly unique gift of foresight.
It is sun-baked, windswept and dusty, with patches of dying scrub foliage poking through the gravel.
There were instructions for using sodium bicarbonate to scrub lethal toxins off the skin.
For the procedure, she wears a surgical scrub top, jeans and work boots.
The birds frequently brushed feathers against the scrub uniforms of the nurses.

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