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Example sentences for scribble

We used this thing called a typewriter, or sometimes a yellow pad to write and scribble our notes and thoughts.
Yet the problem is not the supply: writers will still scribble for scraps.
Now is the time to be free to play and scribble outside the lines in any color.
She and her friends scribble happy faces and peace symbols on white leather high-top sneakers and denim jackets.
Students continue to furiously scribble in their notebooks.
At present, brokers scribble orders on paper or shout them out on the floor.
He uses the walls as a palette sometimes, or to scribble a note to himself.
Brown was relying on what he could scribble on a single piece of paper.
We are a noisy, imperfect lot struggling to scribble what has been called the first draft of history.
She had plans to carry a pad and pen to communicate, and possibly to scribble down a few more of her commandments.
As always, his pencil could scarcely scribble fast enough the epic ideas churning in his mind.
She took out her checkbook and began to scribble a check.
They would toss an overhead up, talk about it for mere seconds, and then whip it off before you could scribble everything down.
They find their afterschool haunt in an abandoned garage where they scribble their names in the grime of an old windshield.
Of course, watching you scribble away in your notebooks is way less entertaining.
The ten-year-olds scribble their answer onto tiny whiteboards and hold them up for the teacher to see.
The ability to scribble cogent thoughts now will have a higher place in the college admissions firmament.
All his waking time was now spent trying to render ancient scribble from a fat little book into plain writing anyone could read.
Crawlers and walkers can scribble with crayons and markers.
He quickly grabbed an envelope from his shirt pocket and began to furiously scribble notes on it.

Famous quotes containing the word scribble

Stars scribble on our eyes the frosty sagas, The gleaming cantos of unvanquished space . . .... more
And set off briskly for so slow a thing, Still going every which way in the joints, though, So that it looked like light... more
The feet of the rats scribble on the doorsills; the hieroglyphs of the rat footprints chatter the pedigrees... more
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