screwy in a sentence

Example sentences for screwy

Nor is it because the track pad sometimes goes screwy and the keys lack the normal pressed-key response that allows smooth typing.
Welcome to the divisional playoffs, where screwy happens.
There's definitely something screwy about the asymmetry that doesn't immediately suggest an accounting.
Either they have a screwy process or they were playing games with you.
My partner is in a profession he loves, which happens to be light years from academia and with screwy hours.
These are not screwy distributions, they are fairly average for my whole faculty.
The health care system is so screwy here that docs are afraid to run too many tests.
One of the reasons academics are so screwy generally is that they try to pretend it's something else.
But anyone whose head is screwy enough to do this sort of thing in the first place is not going to see it that way.
It was brought to my attention that some of my links were screwy in my above responses.
Then there were the rather screwy and mean-spirited new policies upon which he insisted.

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