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Example sentences for screwdriver

Find a solid flat-head screwdriver, and work your way up.
Push against the wall as you screw in the eyehooks, first by hand and then using a screwdriver for more leverage.
If you can't push a screwdriver up to its handle into the turf, it's time to aerate.
Gently poke any discolored areas with a screwdriver to make sure the wood is solid and not rotting or waterlogged.
The driver again called out and a ten-inch slotted screwdriver appeared at his window.
That's why you don't, screwdriver in hand, make arbitrary changes to the insides of your television.
Things look bleak until they discover an oxyacetylene torch, some sheets of metal, a screwdriver and a car engine.
Desperately, as he heard footsteps coming from above, he used a screwdriver to remove the doorknob.
One detainee told of being beaten with pipes and having a screwdriver rammed into his back.
Same goes for tool use, screwdriver becomes part of your mental map of your hand.
Finally, with screwdriver and hammer, she breaks it in two--and is astonished.
Similarly, if you choose a wrench when you needed a screwdriver, you probably won't get the job done as well.
Battery-cover screws can't be removed without a coin or screwdriver.
It will take you longer to dig out your smallest screwdriver than it will to perform the mod.
Do not use a screwdriver if your hands are wet, oily or greasy.
Do not use a screwdriver to test the charge of a battery.
Never try to alter a tool to complete a task it was not designed to perform, ie do not use a screwdriver as a hammer.
Screwdriver handles, for example, are often made of cellulosic plastic.
The electrician attempted to open the circuit breaker using a screwdriver.
Provide external screwdriver check stops, and temperature limit stops.
Provide external screwdriver check stops, vacuum breaker and temperature limit stops.
Carefully remove the lid by using a tool such as a large screwdriver.
Backer rod is a closed-cell foam or rope caulk that is pressed into cracks or gaps with a screwdriver or putty knife.
In order to start the machine, the operator used a screwdriver to engage the starter.
The screwdriver, to regress to the subject, will probably be the last common hand tool in this increasingly digital world.
For instance, if given a screwdriver, you may try to write with it as if it were a pen.
It's an easy do-it-yourself installation for anyone who knows how to turn off a circuit and use a screwdriver.

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Think of the tools in a tool-box: there is a hammer, pliers, a saw, a screwdriver, a rule, a glue-pot, nail... more
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