screw conveyor in a sentence

Example sentences for screw conveyor

Each screw conveyor shall be driven by an electric motor connected to a gear reducer.
The conveying of solids requires that the screw conveyor rotate at a different speed than the bowl.
The screw conveyor conveys the excavated material to the first of a series of conveyor belts.
Screw conveyor system that provides a single point collection of spent bullets.
Employees must never walk on top of a screw conveyor.
If a continuous furnace is used, the mixed charge is fed by screw conveyor directly into the furnace.
The bin and the reversible screw conveyor suffered mechanical failure, allowing pressure waves and hot gases to exit the bin.
Due to the freezing temperatures that morning, the sludge had clogged the sock and backed up into the screw conveyor.
Grout should never be mixed using a screw conveyor, a mortar mixer, or a ready mix truck.
In the past, the discharge was transported between the centrifuge and the melt tank using a screw conveyor.
Dust was removed from the filter hoppers through a rotary airlock and a screw conveyor.
The solids are then dewatered by a screw conveyor and placed in a dumpster.
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