screw auger in a sentence

Example sentences for screw auger

These ingredients combined with water were mixed with a screw auger, and the material was then pelletized.
Shot blast media recovery system will be screw auger type only.
The water is spun out of the sludge as it is moved down the screw auger for final discharge.
The three types of processes are rotary dryer, heated screw auger, and fluidized-bed.
System utilizes a quiescent settling zone for preliminary sludge densification prior to remove by a screw auger conveyor.
The dredge uses a horizontal screw auger mounted on the end of a hydraulically operated boom.
Meat is minced by being pushed through a perforated plate positioned against a rotating knife with a screw auger.
The conveyor will consist of an enclosed screw auger approximately ten feet in length.
The pellets are fed to the firebox by a motorized screw auger either on a timed basis, or as governed by a thermostat.
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