screed in a sentence

Example sentences for screed

Pardon me if this political screed seems out of place here.
None of your anti-renewable energy screed is backed up by either reality or proof.
The author's bias is laughably visibly in this screed.
Funny it's your take on a silly movie that got me stirred up enough to write this screed.
When he does that, he will then have sufficient credibility to write another screed.
And your absurd screed about cutting corporate taxes, corporations rarely pay federal income taxes in the first place.
The paver consists of two basic units: a tractor and a screed.
The screed or screeds should be so adjusted and operated surface within specified tolerances.
Then the old pavement and recycling materials are mixed with a standard auger, and leveled off with a screed.
Screed extensions may be used, provided each has a screed plate with vibration.
When you hand screed concrete, you work bent over, and you have to use a strong grip to pull the board over the wet concrete.
Various building systems such as lighting and diffusers are either integrated into the soffit or into the voided screed.
The inside end gate of the second paver must be set at the same level as the bottom of the screed plate of the first paver.
Screed rails may be removed at any time after the concrete has taken initial set.
They level, smooth and shape surfaces of freshly poured concrete using straightedge, float or power screed.
Controls movement of machine, raises and lowers screed, regulates width of screed.
The sloped plate shall be attached to the paver screed extension.
Pavers shall be equipped with an activated screed for the full width being paved, and heated if necessary.
The screed on the paver can be angled at it's center to provide for a positive crown.
If the screed is extended, look for segregation in the extensions.
Sufficient amount of fluid must be present in the mix to avoid tearing beneath the screed or strike-off bar.
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