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Example sentences for screeching

Scores of gulls hover above, screeching in excitement, then swoop down to gobble up any leftovers.
But something tells me that nations would not come screeching to a standstill without them.
Screeching vervet monkeys often spotted her far from the den.
Emerging into the sunlight from her den, she seemed curious and bold, taking no notice of screeching squirrels.
They are vocal animals-though seldom seen, they are often heard screeching and barking in the tropical forest canopy.
The ramp closed with a loud screeching sound, encasing us in semi-darkness.
One of his favorite metaphors for interactionism concerns a car making a screeching noise.
Screeching through an open-air market, the taxi finally shook our pursuers.
The tape includes loud music the workers listen to, the screeching of the birds and the sound of each hitting the wall.
For weeks they flew around in zigzag patterns, flapping and screeching in despair.
Other types of instabilities that are of particular interest include chugging, buzzing, and screeching.
Incessant high pitched, screeching wacky-wack calls.
Immediately thereafter, the screeching tires of a vehicle were heard leaving the same area.
The sound of horns, a siren, or screeching tires can warn you of danger.
Barn owls can be heard screeching as they hunt at night.
The release of the liquid and gas made a screeching sound loud enough to be heard at various locations throughout the refinery.
The shrill whistle blasts mixed with the howl of gusting winds and the grinding and screeching of metal and concrete.
The next day's engine start resulted in a runaway engine, screeching tires, and a shaken student pilot.

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