scree in a sentence

Example sentences for scree

We keep one eye on a group crossing a scree slope, the other eye on the cliffs at its top.
We stay above the river, crossing avalanche scree and frozen marshes on numbing feet.
The top of the escarpment was composed of crumbling columns of hardened lava, the bottom a steep incline of rock and scree.
Beyond it was a steep hill, and past the hill a depression of scree and weed and stunted firs.
The rest of us followed well-worn sheep paths uphill-scrambling over rocks, slipping on pebbly scree.
The canyon walls are dauntingly steep, sending a few of us sliding downhill in small avalanches of scree.
Six of the crew deployed their shelters in the rock scree.
Also included are unstable scree and talus that typically occur below cliff faces.
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