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Example sentences for scrawny

Out of season shad is scrawny and thin, but in season it is plump and succulent.
For years the thin, even the scrawny, have had everything their own way.
The parasite can leave the birds too scrawny for market.
Probably because the rest of her body is so scrawny.
Several scrawny cottonwood trees do not usually generate much excitement in the world of ecology.
Grateful knock-kneed boys with scrawny arms and sunken chests reported that their lives had been turned around.
In ounce-for-ounce comparison, mammals and reptiles are scrawny weaklings next to birds.
They had lean torsos and narrow shoulders and scrawny legs.
Even guard dogs must be imported: local pooches are too scrawny and insufficiently savage.
Sadly, my intensive investigations soon wore out the scrawny scope.
Its arms were probably so scrawny because it didn't use them at all.
Pigs, goats and scrawny dogs graze among the chunks of concrete.
Perhaps, the scientists thought, the same would hold true for scrawny specimens versus the truly buff.
The ground floor was a stable in which he quartered his mule, a cow, and a few scrawny chickens.
He returns with a scrawny specimen that prompts his cohorts to mock him as a blockhead.
But compared to the scrawny, chain-smoking veterans on his newsdesk he was in truth remarkably prim.
In the adjacent cage, two control mice appear scrawny by comparison.
She delicately stretched her scrawny arms in weariness.
Planting anything without planning could be scrawny.
They remember it was scrawny and ran up high doctor bills.
The strangers were seated on scrawny looking ponies, wore buckskin trousers, and had blankets tightly drawn about their shoulders.

Famous quotes containing the word scrawny

Four-room shack aspiring high With an arm of scrawny mast For the visions in the sky That go blindly pourin... more
Civilisation—a heap of rubble scavenged by scrawny English Lit. vultures.... more
That scrawny cry—it was A chorister whose C preceded the choir. It was part of the colossal sun, Surroun... more
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