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Bio-fuel from food processing scraps doesn't take up farm land.
Proteases, particularly the enzyme trypsin, target protein-based food scraps and gunk that stop up drains.
The farmers also used a worm bin to compost food scraps for fertilizer.
Food scraps in landfills decompose to generate methane, a potent greenhouse gas.
Store food scraps in a sealed container to prevent flies or roaches from laying eggs in them.
Fiber scraps can get into food or drink and be swallowed.
The resulting material is a mix of worm castings and decomposed food scraps.
Centuries-old pages flutter from broken bindings and crumble into scraps.
She had been doing her homework, she said, and each of the scraps contained one of the words she was supposed to learn.
So even tiny scraps of personal information can have a huge impact, even years after they were shared or made public.
Almost nothing was known about the program, except for scraps of information that leaked out to reporters.
No definitive data exist, he says, but the majority of the extant evidentiary scraps support their side.
It provides a glimpse at small yet vital scraps of thousands of genes.
He left them on scraps of paper all over the apartment.
Then came some dismal scraps of domestic economic news.
And a lot of people simply feel more connected by scavenging for conversational scraps from their friends.
We are a country of competing factions of dependence, all scrambling for scraps at the table of the state.
The tarp, a fire pit, and a small shrine fashioned from scraps of corrugated metal will be their home for the next month.
There was a bookcase and a worktable with piles of manuals, scraps from notebooks, and rolled-up fragments of yellow paper tape.
Compost made on the farm and from scraps donated by restaurants creates a fertile growing environment.
And because it scraps an older car for every new one, it tends to boost fuel economy and cut tailpipe emissions.
Scraps can be kneaded lightly for additional scones.
Once he memorized what he had written, he would destroy the scraps.
Every other picture at the weekend banquet got scraps.
Worm composting is suitable for composting fruit and vegetable scraps.
The scraps can embed themselves in your digestive system and cause great distress.

Famous quotes containing the word scraps

Many scraps make a lot; fox furs, sewn together, make a fine robe.... more
International business may conduct its operations with scraps of paper, but the ink it uses is human blood.... more
Many young people adopt pleasures for which they have not the least taste, only because they are called by that name....... more
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