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However, wood has a finite life whether in buildings or in the scrap heap after the building has been torn down.
Engineers keep finding more and more uses for radio, and frequencies never seem to end up on the scrap heap.
They draw that conclusion from the fact that butchered human bones were tossed in the scrap heap along with animal remains.
Exposing these flaws usually takes less than a decade, and then the site is tossed on the archeological scrap heap.
In some cases, such as cold fusion, it gets blown out of the water and is tossed onto the scrap heap.
But a funny thing happened on the way to the superstar scrap heap.
They raged that high interest rates and a high pound were crippling industry and throwing workers on the scrap heap.
Their entire business models now seem headed for the scrap heap.
They are then repeatedly bought and sold for ever-diminishing sums, and are ultimately destined for the scrap heap.
For these boats were thrown onto the scrap heap at the peak of their evolutionary development.
Today the wreck has been reduced to little more than an underwater scrap heap.

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