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He had my room number written on a scrap of paper in his hand.
Contact a local scrap metal recycler to dispose of larger stainless steel and aluminum materials.
For the clunker, this swap is the last stop before being plundered for parts and scrap metal.
Attach the scrap paper by folding up the lowest part of the short side that you scored over the scrap paper.
It'll only take a minute, and you've probably got scrap paper near you.
Commercial fences pay the going rate for scrap gold however valuable the finished jewellery is.
Here the refrigerators are cleaned out, relieved of their toxic refrigerants, and then turned into scrap metal.
Scrap them before the already huge costs soar exponentially.
They will be remembered long after their robotic brothers are shipped off to the scrap heap.
In a factory it might mean that a component has to be thrown into the scrap bin.
All you need for an outdoor shower can be tucked into little shelves made from scrap wood.
To catch the best view of a prolific meteor shower, scrap your plans tonight and get to bed for an early morning tomorrow.
We could use scrap metal from the millions of unused car to make the bikes.
Secure the foam plug in place with pieces of scrap wood from below.
He likes to take visitors onto the balcony of the town hall and challenge them to spot a scrap of paper in the plaza.
Broken ones are sold for a pittance to scrap collectors.
Another dislodging event: scrap regional accreditation.
The bulk of them were destroyed or sold as scrap metal.
We are apparently not going to leave the slightest scrap of fossil energy sources for our descendants.
Some of the owners were on hand to watch their machines reduced to scrap.
Researchers are tantalized by each new scrap of comet data.
To that, add scrap meat from all over the country, and grind.
The demolition is expected to be self funded as the pieces are hauled off and sold for scrap metal.
Reputable recyclers will properly scrap unusable electronics, though they sometimes charge a small fee.
He traveled from police station to police station, looking for some new scrap of evidence.
Cars at wholesale auction often bring less than the scrap material value of the vehicle.
It's time to camp, and there's not a scrap of dry ground anywhere.
Ten-year-old data protocols did not require keeping every scrap of data and calculation.
Add additional decorations such as scrap ribbon, sequins and buttons to the covered frame.
As they weigh their options, pressure will grow on regulators to scrap the reverse-merger structure.
One of the new leader's first acts was to scrap the agreement.
Next to the beverage industry, the automotive industry provides the biggest market for aluminum scrap.
It would make it easier to build out-of-town hypermarkets, and would scrap a rule stopping retailers from selling below cost.
Used beverage containers are the largest component of aluminum scrap.
Instead they drift into collecting scrap metal, begging or petty crime.
All they found, however, was a large piece of scrap iron that had been used in constructing the fireplace.
For each scrap of good news, there is plenty of the bad stuff.
They harvested their wheat and gathered up tons of bullets, relics, and iron scrap.
And the true scrap is melted down to make raw steel.
Next, have students write each word on a scrap of paper.
Try out fat salt pork, remove scrap, leaving enough fat in pan to moisten fish and potatoes.
Let's fix the problem, not scrap the best system in the world.
Manholes remain open till the last instant, for fear that early settlers will steal the metal covers and sell them for scrap.
By zapping a scrap of metal with superpowerful x-rays, scientists created plasma that rivals the sun for heat.
However, wood has a finite life whether in buildings or in the scrap heap after the building has been torn down.
Similarly, universities might need to scrap the tenure system.
Heavy metals from the inorganic dross will be collected and sold as scrap.
He took out a pencil and did some rough math on a scrap of paper.
For the parents, every scrap of film is equally precious.
And of course, as usual, tremendous hubris in dismissing other people's work without having a scrap of actual knowledge about it.
These he placed on a triangular scrap of shelf high in one corner of his house.
Afterward, it is the poorest country in the world, its biggest export scrap metal from the war.
Repeated failures led it to finally scrap the idea last fall.
Another had a cell phone handset pressed to his head and was attempting to get a scrap of paper, one-handed, from his briefcase.
And as petrol prices rose, people were more likely to scrap old cars, to buy more fuel-efficient models and to drive less.
It is time for governments to scrap price controls and subsidies to allow the market's price signals to get through to consumers.
But identifying projects to scrap or shrink is tough.
We took them home--to use the pottery as containers and to sell the bronze for scrap and buy cigarettes.
For scrap recycling and disposing, the contractor will be required to provide and maintain containers at the site.

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