scraggly in a sentence

Example sentences for scraggly

It is a large, fast growing tree that becomes ragged and scraggly with age.
There's no point in wasting water by trying to keep alive scraggly or diseased plants.
Out behind there was only a flat creosote desert, except for one scraggly tree.
Behind my mountain fortress was a vast desert, with nothing but cactus and a few scraggly bushes as far as the eye could see.
The cinematography is so tactile that even a scraggly building has the power to move us with its purchase on our attention.
He's clean-shaven, a sign of fanaticism in a country of scraggly beards.
By nine, the sun was high, and spectators huddled in the shaded viewing stands or under scraggly trees at the park's perimeter.
If the bad guys win a close one, it's all been for naught: scraggly process in the service of evil.
He has a scraggly mustache and a small white beard growing off the bottom of his chin.
For a suburbanite, few experiences are more wrenching than watching a lush green lawn turn brown and scraggly.
We were founded when a scraggly, improvised army of renegades beat a superpower.
Some beards end up scraggly and with odd looking bald patches no matter how carefully they are cultivated.
He turns up again in the midst of a scraggly, unwashed crowd who can be described only as wretches in this context.
All of us kids in the yard raking up leaves, scraggly and tired and sweaty.
Mature stems develop scraggly, gray-brown bark that peels off.
In their view, the few scraggly plants that grow here are of little value to people.
Some scraggly peach trees and a tumbledown log cabin are all that are left of the old ranch.
Seedlings look stunted and scraggly, but they take on a graceful spire shape as they mature into saplings.
Changes from bushy appearance during first year to scraggly, multi-branched plant during second year, to bush at maturity.
They have big, scraggly trees and overgrown fencerows that often hide toppled fences.
Look for their scraggly, dead branches on the forest floor.
Dull, scraggly birch and poplar gave way to mighty oak and brilliant maple.
When they are too scraggly, simply pull them out and start again.
The hillsides were white with exposed rock, among which a few scraggly trees stood.
One of the coyotes seemed small, with a scraggly light-colored coat.
She could not describe him, but said he has scraggly blonde hair.
Everything looked special in that light, even the scraggly horses next door.
Even scraggly weed plots will hold crayfish and baitfish in areas otherwise devoid of vegetation.
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