scowl in a sentence

Example sentences for scowl

And that scowl perfectly contrasts with his super-cutesy heart-shaped nose.
The howl of the wolf brought not the expression of wonder, but a scowl of disappointment or anger.
He's not tall, he has a slightly comical face and a tendency to scowl, and his hair is often unruly.
The biggest part of his acting responsibilities involves maintaining that scowl and pretending not to enjoy it.
Toward the end, she produces one sulky scowl that makes you grateful for a new facial expression.
Lately, that scowl hasn't left when he leaves the court.
The films' tone varied: they could teach with a smile, a scowl or a sneer.
And this scowl, to look more convincing, it is supported with a map.

Famous quotes containing the word scowl

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