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Example sentences for scout

Scout bees explore an area in search of suitable sites.
We could add scout badges and sashes to go along with the offense.
Be sure to scout ahead before getting in the car, as accessibility may vary depending on the time of year.
During that conflict, they were used as scout aircraft and for bombing raids.
The scout can turn invisible and back-stab enemies, killing them instantly.
Scout around for grants or research support from independent sources in your discipline, region, or area of specialty.
These kids needed a stern talking to, no doubt, along with some group punishment from the scout pack.
There are band camps and scout camps, writing camps and sports camps, boot camps and religious camps.
Instead, he said bees are guided to the food source by odor conveyed by the scout bee.
Scout troop is that the scouts have adult supervision.
Soon, eagle-eyed detectives may have more opportunities to scout out the elusive character.
Other groups scout for the best location to station a weather monitor.
If a scout didn't return, the army didn't head in that direction.
For example, local game scout teams are protecting wildlife habitat by stopping the cutting of trees for charcoal production.
Roofers, landscape gardeners and solar-panel installers use the virtual maps to scout for potential customers.
Two live-performance works scout the frontier between the sublime and the ridiculous.
Then he went off to scout the escape routes and stairways.
The volunteer firehouse is the scene of scout meetings, wedding receptions, service club luncheons and knitting bees.

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