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Velvet art gets a pretty bad rap, but what is the scourge of the art world actually has a fairly long history.
Sickness is different in this respect: few of us will escape it, especially during the scourge of old age.
But it isn't the scourge that the press has made it out to be.
In the time of a great drought, he exhorted the people to penance, to avert this scourge of heaven.
So abandoned to iniquity were some persons, that this scourge itself was not able to reclaim them.
Until lately this scourge carried off from one-sixth to one-tenth of a ship's crew on a long voyage.
After that opium addiction went from being a rare ostentation of nobles to a scourge that affected one in six of the population.
Three years ago the company was considered a parasite and a scourge.
Deadly bacteria are the scourge of emergency rooms, in part because there are not enough varieties of antibiotics to fight them.
But unemployment is bringing another scourge in its wake-overwork.
On university campuses, the scourge of political correctness seemed to be fading.
The underlying biology of that scourge of modern humanity, cancer, looks as though it is about to yield its main secret.
Strikes and threats of strikes are the scourge of the moment.
Act now to prevent them from becoming an epidemic scourge in the country.
The scourge of the boardrooms had no formal financial training.
Their efforts are laudable, as only rational, enlightened thought will ever rid the world of such a scourge.
Why this scourge from our past has come back is still a little unclear.
Science once thought it had conquered this airborne scourge.
Vaccinations rid this world of smallpox, a scourge that killed millions of people.
See how a new model for global aid could stop the scourge.
Faux luxury goods have been a scourge of high-end manufacturers for years.
Physicians zero in on the virus that causes the scourge.
Alzheimer's may well be the scourge of the new century.

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