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Example sentences for scoundrel

The scoundrel who killed her made good his escape eight full hours before the police had any knowledge of the crime.
In public life or private life, that is a word a scoundrel will not utter.
Some scoundrel placed a telegraph pole across the track, which caused the disaster.
Try to insult other people with acrimonious fancy talk is the last refuge of the coward scoundrel.
Frankly, society probably improves when capital is reallocated from a fool to a scoundrel.
Some local scoundrel had called the animal extermination league or something, and they vanished.
Steal a dollar, and get thrown behind bars as a scoundrel.
Lobo tears the villain's clothes to shreds, and eventually causes the wolves to give chase to this scoundrel.
There's something ancient and real about it, and in a scoundrel's sort of way there's something honest, too.

Famous quotes containing the word scoundrel

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