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As it happens, the prop bears a strong resemblance to scores of crystal skulls in museum collections around the world.
Scores of gulls hover above, screeching in excitement, then swoop down to gobble up any leftovers.
Within a month the troops were eating their horses, dogs and moccasins, dying by the scores from exposure and disease.
Yet, as word spread, scores of other employees resigned as well.
The political knowledge of the average voter has been tested repeatedly, and the scores are impressively low.
In those days, people believed that anybody with good math scores should become an engineer.
Value-added measures, which rate teachers based on their impacts on students' test scores, can help us do so.
Overall, scores were flat or down in this sub-index from last year.
Overall, scores are flat or down on this sub-index from last year.
Scores of rare, unpublished, and powerful photographs recall the urgency and technical creativity of both nations' efforts.
The scores that follow, listed by rank, reflect the experts' opinions.
Quoted phrases from their remarks suggest the thinking behind the scores.
For a two-week span, athletes from dozens of countries compete against each other in scores of different sports.
Finally don't be afraid to experiment with your camera settings and expect to take scores of snapshots to get that one keeper.
The details of how the scores that led to this ranking were calculated can be found in the note below.
Other historical sciences include crime scene investigation, geology and the interpretation of baseball box scores.
Scores of popular books have seized on this purported dichotomy.
So please no more grant proposals for redundant animal test scores.
Time and again, scores of bad guys shoot at him from multiple directions but miss by a hair.
As one would expect, after training, their scores on that task got better.
The link takes them to a questionnaire that asks about grades, test scores, and intended majors.
The students who thrive are not necessarily the ones who come in with the perfect scores.
Unfortunately, scores of academic advice books mislead job seekers into thinking that their letter should be limited to one page.
Not only are there scores, but also mini sound file recordings of the scores being played.
No gambling, no daytrading accounts, no instant sports scores.
Sulfur dioxide poisoning and excess heat caused scores of thousands of deaths.
These are then given scores according to what is seen as likely to be the company's business environment over the next few years.
Scores of them stormed the local emergency command centre, smashing windows and furniture and beating up officials.
If the product scores badly, the app will recommend an alternative item which is rated more highly.
The police cracked down, shooting some demonstrators and arresting scores of dissidents and reformers.
Beer fuelled it, cash betting underpinned it, and scores were settled with fists in the street outside.
Scores of niches have expanded dramatically: people are drinking four times as much wine, for example.
It scores well in business-friendliness and clean-government rankings.
Thousands of anti-capitalist protesters took to the streets in scores of cities around the world.
In this war of attrition, each side scores victories.
Over the past decade, prospect theorists have found support for the endowment effect in scores of experiments.
He also found that at its gatherings he could lobby scores of foreign ministers in one place.
Sudden improvements in scores by an individual candidate, compared with previous attempts, also raise an electronic eyebrow.
There are scores of fruits that are seldom found elsewhere.
There is no question that scores of raids occur every year, and many thousands of people now live in captivity.
To ensure the examinees give full effort, their scores would be posted on their transcript.
It even provides the market, giving vendors access to scores of potential buyers through the web.
Their scores improved regardless of student composition.
Entire villages were sealed off, and reportedly, scores of executions occurred.
Should he have had more discretion, he could at a minimum have peeked at scores over the web.
The same could be said of scores of other white abolitionists.
All of my subsequent requests were also denied due to the high level of my test scores.
He often scores points, but rarely comes out of these exchanges looking good.
He used to place bets with other students on exam scores.
Anyone who wants to check their scores before applying for a loan will have to pay.
Live scores, odds and team matchups for all major league sports.
Scores of scientific studies support this idea in mammals and, to a lesser extent, in nematodes.
While you're waiting, catch the latest stock and sports scores.
Below are the verbal and mathematical scores by licensing domain.
In fact, the rise in cognitive test scores correlated with lower insulin levels.
But in a society where one group is favored and receives more education, that group scores higher on spatial reasoning tests.
We then plotted the resulting scores against how well they did on the candidacy exam.
Scores of people are dead, and you're in your robe, getting the paper somewhere.
They take potshots at the scores of studies that say global warming is here, aiming for small incongruities.
From that moment on, he was in perpetual motion, spinning tales of his travels into two dozen books and scores of stories.
Test scores are low because there are so many bad teachers, whose jobs are protected by powerful unions.
Kramer's reading of my review is as inventive as his reading of musical scores.
In its absence, policymakers have focused on that current measure of all things educational: student test scores.
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