scorecard in a sentence

Example sentences for scorecard

It's been quite the college football offseason that has required a scorecard to keep track of the happenings.
Without a scorecard, it was a challenge to keep straight the groups promoting the boycott.
So this is the scorecard after almost a year of effort.
However, thinking about arms control as a scorecard that totes up advances and setbacks misses a larger pattern.
Now fans need a scorecard to keep track of who is collapsing and who is surging.
Maybe they should stop focusing on the scorecard and have a little faith.
Thanks to free agency, you can't recognize the players without a scorecard these days.
His scorecard: one fall, only one decently executed triple jump, other triples repeatedly turned into doubles.
With the proliferation of specialty plates, kids now need a multi-page scorecard to get through one state.
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