scooter in a sentence

Example sentences for scooter

But not every scooter enthusiast is dying to get on it.
The scooter-sized robot was also rather good at not running into the researchers.
Carmakers and scooter-makers protested to the government.
My cousin died many years ago while traveling on his scooter.
At full power, it is only about as powerful as a motor scooter.
She began to use a walker and then a motorized scooter.
Now a mere scooter ride requires body armor, and in many families kids aren't permitted to ride out of sight of the house.
They are demanding time off, asking for raises, and trying to buy a scooter.
At that price point you're better off upping the ante and going with a scooter.
His motor scooter is chained to a railing by the platform.
Scooter rentals are affordable and fun, but helmets are advised at all times.
The kickboard is an unholy combination of skateboard and scooter geared toward stunts.
Bicycle-scooter hybrids are low-tech, high-intensity.
The product names are located on the side of the scooter or mini bike.
Follow the manufacturers' height, weight and age guidelines when buying a scooter.
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