scintillating in a sentence

Example sentences for scintillating

It was surrounded by a scintillating ring in the same or in the opposite eye.
Frankly, his report does not make for scintillating reading.
There were times the baseball wasn't all that scintillating, either.
But no matter what it is called, it is a scintillating entertainment which pleased the first night audience immensely.
It is filled with scintillating ideas, and contains some amusing lines.
As it is, that banter does not encourage one to think that his own table talk was quite as scintillating as was claimed.
Scintillating screens are a direct but intercepting method to observe an ion beam.
Recently high photon yielding and long attenuation length step index scintillating plastic fibers have been developed.
The scintillating fibers are also placed on the outer surface of the support cylinders.

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