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Scientists now are decoding the blueprint of human life.
They are also both the sort of thing climate scientists expect more of in a warming world.
If scientists want their views to be accorded the respect due to science, then they must speak as scientists, not as lobbyists.
One reason is that scientists seem likely to argue about the validity of her work.
Other times, ideas are contributed, but the overall aesthetic leaves scientists uneasy.
They are also linked in both being the sort of events climate scientists predict more of in a warming world.
The first people to say that feeding the world deserved more attention were not politicians, scientists or business people.
The scientists regard the weather-modification crowd as cranks.
The disparity puzzled scientists and fuelled scepticism.
Ten years ago scientists reckoned that summer sea-ice would be gone by the end of this century.
Scientists are wasting much of the data they are creating.
Scientists in the lab and in the field are closest to cutting-edge research.
Political scientists use prospect theory to model foreign-policy decision making.
Scientists thrive in a critical world of skeptical peers who continually punch holes in their work and drive them to improve it.
Data overload is creeping up on everyone, and research scientists are no exception.
Scientists have come to some surprising conclusions about the world and our place in it.
Even to scientists, the question of where great discoveries come from is a bit of a mystery.
Actually, scientists are finding that the ability to detect sarcasm really is useful.
There's been much hype and speculation, but scientists don't appear to be worried.
And these scientists are investigating the physical responses that underlie the functioning of our fingers and skin.
After a couple of hours, the scientists left the area.
Scientists are testing drugs that can sharpen our brains.
Scientists have known for some time that birds breathe in a different way than mammals do.
When medical scientists did think about happiness, they tended to view it in the negative, as freedom from depression.
The scientists studying the growing disaster couldn't definitively link the two.
But only recently has technology allowed scientists to track brain activity during the decision-making process.
Scientists once believed that long-term memories were immutable.
Scientists have long been studying the process of how mammalian stem cells differentiate to form specific types of brain cells.
Scientists spend too much time raising cash instead of doing experiments.
Scientists must ask corporations for permission before publishing independent research on genetically modified crops.
Scientists were unsure-and still are to this day-how the spinach became contaminated.
Until recently, scientists doubted that many creatures could live there.
Although roughly one in five of all mammal species is a bat, the winged animal has long been an enigma to scientists.
Tornadoes are one of the final meteorological frontiers for scientists to conquer.
Now scientists may have cracked the genetic code behind the inherited ailments.
Not content merely to ignore the science, they have decided to go after the scientists.
Most of the time, scientists know what results they want, and that can influence the results they get.
If scientists do not have a cure for cancer, that makes sense.
Describes how scientists pla recover tissue samples from the bodies--which may be preserved below the permafrost layer.
The fruit is also rich in micronutrients that scientists find impossible to duplicate or synthesize for pharmaceutical use.
Other scientists are making equally unsettling discoveries.
Supplements are an example of how scientists interpret research in different ways, depending on point of view.
Nature has an interesting story on scientists using various cognitive-enhancing drugs to push their limits.
Today, scientists insist that the compounds that give bitter taste to some vegetables are in fact beneficial to our own health.
They are less likely than non-scientists to be religious-but not by a huge amount.
Scientists and physicians conduct translative research.
Computer scientists and mathematicians as a share of all employment.
Inventors and scientists and statesmen and thinkers were no longer the heroes of the day.
The author speculates on why a tiny but outspoken group of scientists continues to detest alternative medicine.
Scientists are as stubborn as the rest of us, but they must be able to change their minds.
Western scientists spoke of vaccine and drug development, of biotechnology, of manipulating and transplanting genes.
The conditions within the caverns are so delicate that a handful of scientists are the only people allowed inside-ever.
These were scientists, and they wrote an actual treatise on how long it would take for humanity to be wiped out by zombies.
Many social scientists predict that the next big wars will be over water.
And over a period of several years a team made up of eminent scientists and other experts produced a major report.
Agricultural and food scientists study farm crops and animals.
Environmental scientists look at pollution and other environmental problems and come up with solutions.
Scientists have long known that proteins called steroid receptors play a critical role in switching on hormone-responsive genes.
Scientists have long known that the brain possesses natural chemicals similar to marijuana.
Scientists use light to direct gene expression in mice.
Scientists have identified genetic clues to how a tumor spreads throughout the body.
Scientists are a step closer to constructing a digital version of the human visual system.
Scientists have long known that water can stay liquid at temperatures well below zero.
But many scientists were excited for another reason: it meant they had a whole new toolbox to study human disease.
Scientists generated the map using a new type of brain imaging known as diffusion imaging.
Gecko feet have long been a source of inspiration to scientists striving to make superstrong, reusable adhesives.
Scientists think that lying is more cognitively complex than telling the truth, and therefore it activates more of the brain.
For the first time, scientists can track the precise genetic changes behind an individual case of cancer.
When will the mad scientists stop and realize they can't control nature.
Scientists aren't yet sure how the cells induce this second period of malleability.
Scientists attending these conferences must be made aware of this and the inherent problems that arise from such confusion.
Scientists already know how to cool the planet quickly.
Scientists hunt for the unseen matter that glues together the cosmos.
For years, scientists have debated where humanity's sense of fairness came from.
Scientists have discovered two pounds of a dried plant that turned out to be the oldest marijuana in the world.
Inadequate funding, more than anything else, may stop good scientists from unravelling such a extraordinarily complex disease.
Portrayed as lunatics in comic books, scientists who experiment on themselves have long pushed the boundaries of human knowledge.
Scientists' interest in religion seems to come in waves.
But so too are these scientists, who have spent their lifetimes engaged in climate research.
Of course, many scientists are not interested in this presumption.
The scientists and the poets belonged to a single culture and were in many cases personal friends.
Nothing creates more misunderstanding of the results of scientific research than scientists' use of metaphors.
Once upon a time popular science was the attempt to explain the achievements of scientists to a broad audience.
Here are two famous scientists expressing their opinions about science and religion.
Scientists operate mostly in disciplinary silos, and it is rare for research in one field to influence work in other disciplines.
If social scientists cannot get their details and data right, the rest of us will continue to scorn their conclusions.
And then there are the social scientists, who are going to explain it all.
The new scientists of that time were deeply influenced by humanist concepts, and this influence has notoriously been neglected.
Scientists are infatuated with the idea of revolution.
Scientists are coming to accept, and in many cases enjoy, their enhanced status as entrepreneurs.
Scary stories about the risks of eating are now coming from well-known and sober university deans and government scientists.
However disrespectful he might be to famous old scientists, he was never disrespectful to nature.

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