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Food of the future used to be the stuff of science fiction.
If the present state of imaginary music seems bleak, science fiction suggests a brighter future.
It is equally conceivable that human space flight, long the stuff of science fiction, will return to fantasy.
Once the fantasy of science fiction, battlefield robots are now a reality.
Fantasy films and science fiction also have dominated my adult life.
Stories have the power to take us to other worlds, and no genre more so than science fiction and fantasy.
In contemporary literature, high fantasy and science fiction repeat many of the same folklore themes.
The show borrows heavily from other science fiction sources.
In the annals of science fiction, humans and non-avian dinosaurs have been brought together in a variety of ways.
Still, space travel has lost much of its luster, and that loss has even rippled through science fiction writing.
What was once the stuff of science fiction, the recipe for creating deadly viruses, is now a frighteningly real possibility.
There's a science fiction novel about a mind reader who is in this biz.
They're as utilitarian as a doctorate in science fiction.
The technology is not science fiction: fuel cells are on their way toward commercial viability.
It concludes that there is little in science fiction that could not, in principle, be realised.
Fortunately, such a scenario is likely to remain science fiction.
But writers of science fiction are not the only ones to explore the idea of uploading human consciousness to a computer.
Steam-driven computers, alas, remain in the realm of science fiction.
Plugging microchips directly into the brain is no longer science fiction.
Once the stuff of science fiction, tiny drones are increasingly becoming a reality above the battlefield.
Predicting how different requires guesswork, an open mind and even a dollop of science fiction.
Controlling things by mere thought is a staple of science fiction.
Bringing extinct species back to life is no longer considered science fiction.
In popular science fiction, the power of invisibility is readily apparent.
Quantum teleportation may have progressed from science fiction to reality.
If you are interested in science fiction and historical fiction than this is the right book for you.
No, this isn't science fiction, and the town's inhabitants were not zapped by aliens or beamed onto a spaceship.
In science fiction, the idea goes back even further.
Poe pioneered the psychological horror story, the detective story, and the emerging genre of science fiction.
He enjoys science fiction and has written some of his own stories.
Stone's movie, with its dizzying cavalcade of quick cuts and mismatched film stocks, all but turns the story into science fiction.
In science fiction, teleportation usually works in one of a handful of ways.
It would make a fascinating piece of science fiction.
The alternative possibility--that living cells or their precursors arrived from space--strikes many people as science fiction.
Long a staple of science fiction, self-driving vehicles that act as robot chauffeurs have been a cultural dream for decades.
We do not need to create science fiction to explain nonsense with nonsense.
Let me know about science fiction in a couple of decades.
Some of the military's research seems to come straight from the pages of science fiction.
But you know the technology is real it is the implementation that is science fiction.
It's not the only science fiction planet with two suns, either.
The time has come to hold the golden age of science fiction accountable for its fantastic promises.
There's lots of science fiction built around the idea of alien invasion.
Driving a car using only one's thoughts is no longer the stuff of science fiction.
They show contraptions that look to be straight out of a science fiction movie.
They have science fiction and poetry and legends about the other moon.
Even in science fiction there's always an escape pod.
Photosynthetic humans--endowed with the power to derive energy from the sun--are a popular construct of science fiction.
Warp drives have been the focus of science fiction writers for decades.
Science fiction has given us the idea that humanity has the capability to solve every problem.
Many of the top moneymaking films of all time have been science fiction movies.
Short stories, novelettes, and features with science fiction themes.

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