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It's also a fascinating science project and an exercise in patience and care.
In many ways a lack of magnetic activity is a boon for science.
Science journals unleash tip sheets on reporters weekly, describing potentially newsworthy results from their upcoming studies.
Recently, we've been discussing strategies for distinguishing sound science from attractively packaged snake-oil.
Yeah, the science is often incorrect or out of date.
Best of all, science is a story with an open ending.
Most science professors would be dismayed if their college offered them a tiny closet as their designated research space.
He excelled in eloquence, and in the science of our holy religion.
His experiments in pure science mark him as patient, observant, and logical to an unusual degree.
Language is the only instrument of science, and words are but the signs of ideas.
In the language of the holy scriptures this alone is called science: every other science is termed folly.
Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors.
His strangest supernaturalisms, too, turn out in the end to have rested on acts of nature which science can explain.
Giving himself a crash course in the science of camouflage and eyesight, he discovered that digital camo made a lot of sense.
Advances in brain science are calling into question the volition behind many criminal acts.
His science-fiction books, however, were to be given to my brother.
History is a rumor, science a series of magic tricks.
With strides in science, cosmetic formulas have become more advanced.
Unfortunately, this isn't science fiction or speculation.
As you'll discover, controlling the smoke density is not an exact science.
What they were seeing was not lechery in action but science.
And science will function as an organizing theme, with a reading program focussed on science-related texts.
Not content merely to ignore the science, they have decided to go after the scientists.
If you read much popular science, you'd be forgiven for thinking that biology has become something of a banana republic.
Most people think that science is done by, well, scientists.
If you want to join me in supporting great science writing, use the first button.
Science progresses by adding new data to an ever-growing picture.
Check back to see all of the science stories that made it.
It formed the basis for a number of interesting fundamental science questions.
If anyone doubted that change has come, and come to science, they need to watch this video.
Once upon a time popular science was the attempt to explain the achievements of scientists to a broad audience.
Here are two famous scientists expressing their opinions about science and religion.
And in doing so, he transformed botany itself from a purely descriptive discipline into an evolutionary science.
The public often equates the best science with the biggest questions.
It is no secret that science and religion, once allied in homage to divinely crafted harmonies, have long been growing apart.
As in all branches of science, from subatomic physics to astronomy, order of magnitude can have great importance in literature.
Following is a summary of current science news briefs.
He parlayed a background in journalism into a career as publisher of a prominent science magazine.
Progress in science is sometimes made by great discoveries.
It's easy to imagine that water must be one of best understood materials in science.
Be that as it may, many aspects of modern science could not work without accepting evolution.
Any suggestion that the plant might be medically useful is politically controversial, whatever the science says.

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