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Example sentences for schism

The doctoral shortage reveals a schism in the field of teacher education that needs some work to repair.
Talk of colossal corruption and of rivalries between senior princes fuelled fears of schism inside the ruling family.
Then you see that imprinted early in our history were yeoman traditions with religious schism accepted rather than repressed.
He says that there should be no schism in the body but that the members should have the same care one to another.
There is an unfortunate schism between scientists and power.
Two decades of schism were bound to feed both unorthodox ideas and an autonomous chain of authority.
There may also be concerns that a schism could occur.
Thus he formed a pernicious schism which took its name from him, and subsisted a hundred and fifty years.
The announcement of the garden being converted to residential use created a schism in the community.
The schism between these two types of goals can be seen in the studies to be reviewed below.
After the schism, both communities maintained their own baseball team.

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