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Example sentences for scheming

Although he was at that time only fifty-five years old he looked seventy and was worn out with much thinking and scheming.
She is constantly scheming about something and it adds greatly to her mischievous character.
But she also knows that you all are quite capable of thinking and plotting and scheming with a healthy selfishness.
Santana's scheming led to some rewardingly witty dialogue, which she delivered with great flare and timing.
It's not too early to examine the results of all this linguistic plotting and scheming.
The supercomputer wasn't scheming to take over the world or walking someone's dog on an outer-space treadmill, of course.
People need to remember these sorts of things when they are start scheming about engineering with the levers of society.
It is suing several funds, an equity-research firm and others for allegedly scheming to drive down its share price.
Next to scheming bankers, factory workers look positively deserving.
His eyes sparkle with commitment to the jockeying and scheming of the corporate world.
Meanwhile, his scheming uncle plots to steal his land.
Prison expert acquitted of scheming to bribe former.
It is crooked managers, scheming promoters, phony names and falsified records.
But, the disease is always scheming to get back on top.
There should be no tendency toward scheming or taking advantage of lack of information or ignorance.

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