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In science scepticism is good and acceptable, to a degree that might vary with the topic.
In spite of scepticism, that first conference reached an unexpected measure of success.
Illusion is not aided, either, by a progressive change of mood from playful scepticism to morbid solemnity.
So many deductions about how old objects are and how old the the universe are in conflict to motivate some scepticism.
Accepting the greenhouse policies took big industrialised countries decades and therefore scepticism is still contemporary.
Scepticism is necessary in today's world as there are so many shysters and frauds with so many agendas.
Scepticism, though often at great cost, ultimately prevailed.
Scepticism is rational, and you have to be rational to be successful at anything.
The basis of good science is critical thinking and a healthy scepticism about claims, theories and experimental results.
It's good that these sorts of questions are now being asked with some scepticism and a degree of aggression.
Some state-controlled newspapers have, however, been airing scepticism.
The oath-taking did indeed attract plenty of scepticism.
Down amid the eerie dereliction, both the allure and the scepticism are understandable.
Yet there are good common reasons for considering all the cases in this latest outbreak of merger mania with extreme scepticism.
Pessimism, scepticism and challenge all cause trouble.
Immediately, there was scepticism from experts doubtful about any surviving human dodos.
Irrational exuberance rarely gives way to rational scepticism quickly.
The disparity puzzled scientists and fuelled scepticism.
Scepticism stems from doubts about whether the loan is big enough to end a three-year recession.
As economies weaken, popular scepticism of open markets will surely grow.
First, a note of caution: any league table based on share values should be treated with some scepticism.
Alas, such debate is inaudible amid the din of general scepticism.
Their scepticism is understandable, given the government's general record of wastefulness.
Many fail to register, out of fear, ignorance or scepticism that aid will reach them.
No doubt a dose of scepticism is warranted about m-health.
It would be an understatement to say that both ventures were treated with scepticism.
But every fresh scandal increases public scepticism.

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