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Example sentences for sceptical

We need to be a bit sceptical about some of the more fevered claims, of course.
The study does not compare their performance with a sceptical control group.
People might be sceptical for many reasons but you are not privy to their motives.
There are other reasons to be sceptical about investing in the paper and pulp business.
People sceptical to climate-science are in general not under any influence of oil-companies.
But more sceptical observers suspect a political motivation.
The fact that we're all still able to debate the matter leaves me sceptical that it was.
The public has a right to be sceptical of claims that are based on non scientific principles and methods.
Some civil engineers are sceptical about whether such instrumentation is warranted.
They have been told that sceptical questions will be welcomed.
Except that a lot of them are not really sceptical about the process itself.
And there are other reasons to be sceptical about its input.
Sceptical economists argue that counter-cyclical stimulus often does more harm than good.
It is easy to be sceptical about such online communities.
However, a second branch of financial economics is far more sceptical about markets' inherent rationality.
Or perhaps the opposite effect prevailed: it may have made some people more sceptical that the original stimulus did any good.
Others remain deeply sceptical that the tests took place at all.
Scientists are supposed to be sceptical, thinking people.
You'll have a tough time cost justifying a second trip to a sceptical public.
But he says that the problems at the beginning are two to three times more common, and is sceptical about forced rotation.
Some agency executives are sceptical about being paid for value, because it is so subjective.
Many are sceptical that this rule makes much practical difference.
There are a few reasons, however, to be sceptical of this rosy picture.
Privately, some faculty members are sceptical that all this change will be worthwhile.
But lower borrowing costs are of little use if politicians remain sceptical about the merits of fiscal pump-priming.
He must handle the sceptical media in press conferences.
The alternative view is sceptical of, or even downright hostile to, the modern food business.
Plenty of people are sceptical about the likely success of that project, too.
Rather he resents the sceptical take on his economic legacy.

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