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Example sentences for sceptic

In this wide-open career the plebeian suffered for his mediocrity, and the sceptic for his doubt.
Role out the usual establishment supporters and sceptic abusers.
And that there are truly good reasons to be so sceptic about climate science.
Even to someone who may otherwise call them selves a sceptic the prospect is so great that many emotions are involved.
Stop wasting time in trying to convince a sceptic of a sighting, they will never believe.
The paradox is that a sceptic is far more likely to accept a believable lie than an unbelievable truth.
Sure, it may be about a sceptic, but the first episode annoyed me with bad science.
But people are naturally biased, and your politics affect your stance as much as that of any sceptic.
All the key facts are not known, an exasperated sceptic would say.
Though he remains a sceptic, he provides a wealth of information to let the rest of us make up our minds.
His declaration of this belief caused, he admitted, profound shock to those who knew him only as a sceptic.
Some of its approaches are unlikely to convince the sceptic.

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I know too much to be a sceptic and too little to be a dogmatist.... more
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