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It has a superb theater, a fine art museum and scenic.
It has been a scenic spot for mainland and overseas tourists.
Located along this short but unforgettable byway are scenic pullouts and parking areas for sightseers, hikers, and rock climbers.
Take full advantage of scenic views in a hillside backyard.
The trip by water is a scenic one, as the journey took us past the once decaying and now vibrant southeast part of the city.
If you have several hours at the park, board a safari taxi to some of the scenic overlooks.
Even if the information superhighway isn't all that scenic.
The shorter route is not always the best because one misses the scenic view along the way.
Even the scenic beauty of the surrounding hills and valleys is a testament to being untouched by time.
Many special guests from the world of words and puzzles will be there, as will a treasure hunt across the scenic lodge.
Upscale ecotourism lodges can be seen in some of the more scenic mountain areas.
The focus of each guide are the awe-inspiring scenic national parks in each region.
The car could not keep up with the camera truck up a mountain scenic road.
These interventions range from scenic viewing platforms and bicycle storage shelters to rest stations and hiking paths.
It can span generations and take lots of scenic detours, and the reader will usually stay along for the ride.
Visitors are attracted to the beaches along its shoreline and scenic mountains in the interior.
First, there's its natural scenic beauty, along with water sports in summer and snow sports in winter.
Its location puts it in a quiet section of the city but provides views of the scenic city center, directly across the river.
In some national parks, scenic vistas are obscured by air pollution that drifts in from near and far.
Roads through the park allow for scenic drives, with both a coastal route and a mountain route to choose from.
However, from the scenic and ethnographic standpoints the film is often quite arresting.
It is in the involved and artful structure of the scenic elements and in the demonstrations of personalities.
Summer and fall are ideal times to drive this scenic route.

Famous quotes containing the word scenic

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She came out on the stage in yards of pearls, emerging like a favorite scenic view, flashed her golden smil... more
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