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Yahoo has created some promotions for advertisers in the vein of scavenger hunts, he adds, but none as elaborate as this one.
Melatonin failed as a sleeping pill and its uses as a scavenger of free radicals are dubious at best.
Some cite this as evidence that t rex was a scavenger.
The bot bakeoffs included a scavenger hunt and a poker tournament.
The lion evolved not as a scavenger but as a predator.
Break students into pairs to work on a map-based scavenger hunt.
Many games mix capture the flag with scavenger hunts to send the contestants roaming in search of clues.
Students will travel around the world on a visual scavenger hunt.
Scavenger species, such as vultures, are also controlled by the activity of the mountain lion.
For this book is not only a touching story but also a kind of literary scavenger hunt.
The picture turns dealing into a kind of expensive, high-speed scavenger hunt.
With its reputation as a scavenger, which includes dining from piles of garbage, some fear disease from eating crow.
It was either a predator or a scavenger, grabbing small, soft-bodied animals with its long tentacles.
Over thousands of years, some populations of these tapeworms adapted to our scavenger ancestors.
No, it would try to eat as much as it could, and the left-overs would provide a meal for some other scavenger.
Scavenger hunts work by giving the participants a list of things to find in a given area and seeing if they can locate them all.
Cash prizes for awarded for first, second and third place in the scavenger hunt.
The museum's website offers a printable scavenger hunt list of items to look for and admission is by donation.
There is a scavenger hunt for those who are inexperienced in diving.
Throughout the year the museum also hosts a variety of events including costume parties and scavenger hunts.
If you have grade-schoolers, look for programs that provide activities such as scavenger hunts and computer games.
Activities include games, scavenger hunts and parties.
Among its organized holiday weekend activities are ice cream socials and scavenger hunts.
Examples include scavenger hunts, egg tosses and painting clam shells.
One creative way to have kids increase their steps is to organize scavenger hunts, she says.
Tourists can request scavenger hunt checklists and activity sheets before exploring this historic building.

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