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Pour nectarines into baking dish or ramekins, scatter blackberries on top and sprinkle with the processed mixture.
They are holding more time back than is typical to sell on a short-term basis, in what is known as the scatter market.
But it'll be damned near impossible to convene the faculty once they scatter to get away from the students.
Those who continue to plough, weed and scatter seeds face jail terms of up to two years.
When alarmed, they scatter in different directions, hiding behind clumps of vegetation.
We were about to graduate from art school and scatter in search of our fate.
And worse yet, they scatter when the idea of bringing oxygen to them is broached.
If you do get caught, scatter and meet up at some pre-determined rendezvous.
Scatter parsley over cod, and scatter with toasted almonds.
But the much smaller droplets in fog scatter light more, producing almost white bows sometimes tinged with faint color.
Add the white wine and scatter the mushrooms around the fillets.
At low resolution they scatter essentially as one atom.
Infrared light waves are longer and scatter less than visible light, allowing scientists to probe dust-shrouded areas of space.
Scatter the frying pepper, chili pepper and carrot slices in a baking dish.
These scanners, in order to detect different types of materials, detect the direction in which the materials scatter the xrays.
When you shake it, little vinegar droplets scatter through the oil.
Scatter vivid furnishings, flowers, and pots around the garden as focal points.
Sulfur in the ash reacted with atmospheric ozone to scatter sunlight, causing vivid red sunsets around the world.
But dark energy will scatter both the quasars and gas beyond our observational horizon.
The walls glint gold in the late afternoon, as waves or particles of light scatter off the ancient bricks.
When the ions scatter electrons, it causes electrical resistance in metals.
Scatter snipped nori and toasted sesame seeds over steamed white or brown rice.
The guests stand as he exits the dining room, then scatter homeward.
Gently pour remaining hibiscus liquid into the mold, and scatter remaining banana and star fruit slices over the top.
Being electrically neutral, the atoms were less prone to scatter photons.
Wildflowers scatter the valley floor and trails wind up to the ridgeline.
Pyrotechnics are used to scatter blackbirds for bird control, though only during the day, given the birds' poor vision.
Scatter butter cubes across top and pulse again until mixture is crumbly and beginning to come together.
Scatter ricotta on eggs and drizzle with more pesto if desired.
Scatter them in the pan around the chicken, so they're in a single layer.
Scatter the onion in a large dry skillet over high heat.
Top each portion with a poached egg, scatter nuts and cheese over them, and serve.
Home cooks can scatter the seeds on almost any delicate white-fleshed fish.
Scatter the nectarine slices and juice on top of the batter without stirring.
Scatter the almonds on a baking sheet and place in the oven.
Scatter cubes in one layer in baking sheet and place in oven.
Some are arranged in symmetrical patterns, others scatter across the paper support and out onto the frame.
Scatter the remaining bread crumbs on a flat surface.
Spoon the remaining sliced strawberries into the soup and scatter the mint leaves on top.
Scatter pine nuts, sprinkle with sea salt and garnish each plate with a sprig of tarragon.
Vera suggested that they scatter his ashes down the middle of frat row.
Taking the scatter shot approach and sending out numerous applications appears to be the only remedy.
Scatter seeds wherever you want drought-resistant color.
Some gardeners, however, prefer to buy packets of individual flower species and scatter them in drifts.
They tumble to the sidewalk carrying garbage bags full of their belongings and scatter quickly.
Scatter or arrange your desired embellishments over the chocolate.
We ran some simple correlations and scatter-plots between state obesity rates and these factors.
Ibex and oryx will scatter at your approach, loping to higher ground as you wind among the arching papyrus reeds.
The result is to scatter our attention and diffuse our concentration.
The scatter-graph below puts the picture in sharp relief.
We ran some simple correlations and scatter-plots between state smoking rates and these factors.
Season lightly with salt and pepper and scatter the cheese and chopped chestnuts on top.
After this second arrival they scatter far more widely.
Plastic fiber, long dismissed by industry, has tiny imperfections that scatter the light.
Dozens of flickering candles scatter shadows on the yellowing walls.
Scatter the smokers out some and the smell won't bother you so much.
Before that the relationship is not so strong but a long-term scatter plot should convince you it is really there.
Proton beams would target the radiation dose to limit the radiation scatter, which would avoid extensive damage to his body.
It is well known that as animals age, they tend to become more scatter-brained.
Sulfur dioxide combines with water vapor to form sulfuric acid particles that scatter, reflect, and absorb sunlight.
Many exotic plants can quickly invade an area as their seeds scatter in the wind or with the help of certain animals.
Make several boxes to scatter throughout the garden.
When he leaps into a tree to join a group, there are wild screams as the hitherto peaceful chimpanzees scatter in all directions.
Winds can pick up radioactive material accidentally released from a nuclear reactor and scatter it around the world.
At the first warning shout they scatter and are off.
The settling of stationing cleaning is one way not to shatter scatter and scattering.
As a rock critic he was cynical and rather smug, but he did find it in himself to scatter some appreciation here and there.
Most of that galactic scatter of illuminations reaching out to the horizons is darkness.
Hot nightclubs scatter the coastline, and five-star restaurants are prominent throughout the area.
The milk has tiny globules of fat that scatter blue light.
Live shiners prove especially effective in shallow water, or when the fish scatter among submerged vegetation.
Scatter walnuts on a baking sheet and place in oven.
Lightly brush top with additional oil and scatter small clusters of rosemary leaves on top, pressing in slightly.
Spread batter evenly in pan, then scatter nectarines over top.
Stir remaining caper butter into bread crumbs and scatter over potatoes.
Clear a space in center and spoon in beef with marinade, then scatter chiles over beef.
Scatter clumps of topping over apples, squeezing small handfuls of topping into clumps when necessary.
Chop off necks and wing tips and scatter in a large shallow baking pan.
Sprinkle evenly with cheese, then scatter tomato halves over top.
When dispersed in air or water, ordinary dust particles scatter light in every direction.
Astronomers will also look at polarization and surface scatter effects.
Giant clusters of galaxies scatter the radiation in a way that makes it possible to determine how each cluster is moving.
The ring particles are so puny that you would expect them to quickly scatter and fall into the planet, yet they are still there.
Catch the photons before they scatter and you can tell exactly where they are coming from.
If the two things don't depend on each other, you get a random collection of dots: a scatter plot.
Suspended in water, the spheres scatter white light randomly.
For instance, many wild plants have specialized mechanisms that scatter seeds but thereby make them unavailable to humans.
Different viewing angles give insight into the particles making up the rings, since they reflect and scatter light differently.
They're in totally different regions of the scatter plot.
So if there is nothing to scatter the light of the counter-jet, you won't be able to see it.
Scatter and absorption by particulate would be huge.
In a collision between atoms, let's imagine that two atoms collide and scatter elastically.
Once coupled, they scatter light much less frequently, so light was able to start penetrating further and further.
These were extensively studied using radio scatter off of meteor trains, and they have been used for meteor burst communications.
Actually, the likelihood is an unpredictable scatter of good and bad results.
Money is dynamite, and it can scatter people better than mortar fire.
Scatter candles made of natural beeswax or infused with citronella across tabletops for added light and ambience.
For example, they may be given a scatter plot with data points and asked questions about how a line falls within it.

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