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Example sentences for scarves

The pieces in the exhibit are far from knitted scarves and ceramic cups.
Our department chair has a flair for brightly coloured corduroy and scarves.
Out in the burbs, there's nothing to cut the gales, and they find the chinks in your long underwear and scarves.
She was bundled up, a thick woolen cap drawn over her head, and two scarves covering much of her face.
They'd been screaming and waving their flags and scarves all day.
As with perfume and scarves, high-end shoes have been kicking up dust in the face of shoppers with shrinking bank accounts.
The fortune-teller had heavily rouged cheeks and wore cheap perfume, and her raspberry-colored scarves needed cleaning.
Students loitered in groups in the main courtyard, bulky scarves wound elegantly around their necks.
There couldn't have been more than twenty-five, thirty of us scattered around the pews in our overcoats and scarves.
Scarves of specific colors indicate the position one holds in the government.
Modern merchants sell souvenirs, leather goods, and scarves.
Two were in blue jeans and jackets, and had pulled scarves partly over their faces.
The store specializes in everything from pants, dresses and scarves to fragrances, jewelry and pajamas.
Silk scarves, necklaces, an open-weave cardigan or a simple pair of shoes are a great way to pack less while still looking chic.
Props are available for both humans and pets and include hats, clothing, scarves and other accessories.
Cozy up to colorful scarves and hats that will help you earn your style badge this winter.
Lin spins and plies the yarn she uses for her knitted and crocheted scarves and hats.
Soldiers frequently wrapped wool knit scarves around their head for added warmth.
Jacket and sweatshirt drawstrings, backpack straps, scarves and loose clothing may get caught on the bus handrail or door.
The snowman dolls also have white scarves and a red ball nose.
We also had many hats and scarves on display on mannequin heads.

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