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Scarf prints have become a lot more than something to wrap around your neck.
Outerwear: a non-bulky scarf makes a good highlight.
Her shapely arms were bare, and in her hands she held a gossamer scarf.
But they're the equivalent of a neck scarf or a piece of jewelry.
Check out the video below showing how to create a spray-on scarf.
The only concession to cold weather is to throw a wool scarf around your neck.
Our bright red reversible bib features a fuzzy appliqué of a smiling polar bear decked out in his finest polka dot scarf.
Chuck's signature item is a patchwork polka-dot silk scarf.
However you wrap it, the scarf is spring's headlining headpiece.
In neckwear one finds the puffed scarf out of fashion.
The scarf band for soft hats has taken hold exceedingly well, it was said yesterday.
One illustrated how to turn a scarf into a tube top.
She is dressed in a white pants suit and beige scarf, which is standard attire for the staff.
From the center of the roof, which was partly open to the sky, hung a ceremonial blue scarf.
He may give her all the jewels he can afford, he may give her a fur scarf, but not a fur coat.
He never wears a scarf-pin, or any jewelry that is for ornament alone.
She was wearing a dress of thin dark stuff and she had a white transparent scarf round her neck.
Yet the cake cried out for a glaze to top it off, the way an artfully placed scarf turns a dress into an outfit.
Bring or expect to buy a scarf to cover your hair occasionally.
Slipping in without makeup, her luminous hair hidden under a scarf, she tried to make herself inconspicuous.
He looked miserable as he fought a cold, occasionally sneezing into a white scarf wrapped around his neck.
The seats were upholstered in an abstract blue pattern cribbed, maybe, from a stewardess's scarf.
She had lost her scarf sometime in the course of their struggle upstairs.
Retailers taking part in this recall will provide a refund, credit or information on returning the scarf for a replacement.
They may wear a full head covering called a hijab or a scarf over their hair.
Then he'd shake off fatigue, scarf a bowl of cereal and sit back down.

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