scarecrow in a sentence

Example sentences for scarecrow

And the theme song for you can be the one the scarecrow sings.
Scarecrow sings about smart electrical distribution grids.
Create an original autumn-inspired, mixed-media scarecrow puppet.
The only other sign of agriculture was a ragged scarecrow on a pole.
Make a scarecrow, craft projects and much more fall fun.

Famous quotes containing the word scarecrow

Jarndyce and Jarndyce drones on. This scarecrow of a suit, has, in course of time, become so complicated th... more
He gets red roses in different places, the head, that time he was as sleepy as a river, the back, that time he was a bro... more
We must not make a scarecrow of the law, Setting it up to fear the birds of prey, And let it keep one shape... more
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