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Example sentences for scarcely

But there was no outpouring of fear, scarcely even a whimper.
One could scarcely imagine a subject more important than ethics for.
The future for many other lenders looks scarcely brighter.
In those days, that number scarcely made a dent in the large grizzly population.
Perhaps that is because life without the ability to feel is scarcely imaginable.
If you want to know about the life and habitat of a woolly mammoth, there is scarcely a better place to look than in its dung.
But the way they are presenting themselves to buyers could scarcely be further apart.
The pace of new hiring crashed during the recession and has scarcely recovered since.
Until now the region had scarcely been explored because of its remoteness and depth.
Although the world of autism research is expanding, horizons for many of those with the condition have scarcely changed.
The commissions he has accepted over the decades are scarcely enough to count on the fingers of one hand.
All of which scarcely mitigates the dismal realities of the site's present darkness.
Scarcely a day goes past now without an announcement of job cuts.
Until now this region of the ocean had scarcely been explored because of its remoteness and depth.
Had he been born in another era, he could scarcely have acted on his beliefs.
The audience was small, and it was stated that scarcely fifty of the number were frequenters of the church.
Some war stories not of this base origin, however, are scarcely less worthy the attention of the pathologist.
Although inflation is scarcely taking off, the risk of it is vexing central bankers.
Several weeks after the hurricane, this neighborhood of bungalows is still scarcely more than piles of rubble.
The electricity meter is one of those things that homeowners scarcely think about.
Scarcely any rich country has stable public finances.
He scarcely ate, and seldom interacted with another chimpanzee.
The global economy can scarcely go three months without experiencing a negative shock of one sort or another.
Scarcely a decade later the first sealing vessels arrived.
It was scarcely walking to school uphill in the snow both ways, but it was different.
The advantages of being able to speak more than one tongue are so obvious that they scarcely need spelling out.
Nails aren't pounded into trees, and guides create routes that scarcely intrude upon the soaring, bromeliad-clad forest.
They have erected a house, but it is scarcely comfortable, and their families reside in the city.
The tissues involved scarcely seem to notice the loss.
With economic and market conditions improving, the industry can scarcely fail to benefit.
As the hours wore on, she became more and more exhausted, until she could scarcely hold up her head.
Modern physics has certainly extended human understanding in ways that would scarcely have been conceivable only a century ago.
The farmers and their works are scarcely more obvious than woodchucks and their burrows.
Voters will scarcely notice a depression that never happened.
The idea of changing jobs scarcely exists, mainly because they are so few and so precious.
As powerful as they are, the orbiter's main engines could scarcely budge this load.
Most economists are still cautious-a single month of better revenues is scarcely a trend.
Though the recession ended last year, labour-market conditions have scarcely improved in much of the country.
She pushed it away in an irritated manner, scarcely giving me a glance.
Within reasonable limits, it is scarcely possible to convey an idea of its diversified contents.
The stakes in the global-warming debate, however, could scarcely be higher.
With scarcely the material for a short story in hand.
Scarcely a rock can be found that does not contain some sign of gold.
It scarcely need be said that a new and larger dictionary from his hands was certain of warm and extended welcome.
As he reached his gate the machine shot by, scarcely more than a streak of gray, so fast was it going.
Statutes scarcely mean anything until a body of case law builds up around them.
And though much is made of the steam engine, ice scarcely merits a mention.
Sacking your top bosses while giving little clue why is scarcely a recipe to calm financial markets.
In practice, fast-breeder reactors are scarcely worth the trouble.
Clones die in the test tube, in the womb and after birth for reasons that researchers still scarcely understand.
In my heart there is a chamber larger than a stadium that scarcely contains my overflow admiration and affection for jazz singers.
Astronomers scarcely even bothered to look for planets around such runts.
Coelacanths can scarcely be regarded as degenerate fish.
These and other objections, however, scarcely slowed the theory's acceptance.
One might, for instance, imagine gross vitamin deficiencies arising from a diet with scarcely any fruits and vegetables.
Scarcely had the maker of miniatures completed the thimble palace when he felt a new burst of restlessness.
The three parted ways that evening scarcely believing what they'd decided to do.
By the time of the first all-German elections, it could scarcely manage to secure three percent of the vote.
Many people eat too much because they scarcely pay attention to what they eat.
Eighty years later live-in domestic servants scarcely exist in developed countries.
Nothing that intense can be sustained, though the loss of such intensity can scarcely be borne.
The movie, by contrast, has scarcely an ounce of flab on it.
The experience had transformed him, he would later say, but in a way he could scarcely have imagined.
The alveoli are almost completely filled with secreting cells, so that scarcely any lumen is visible.
Among the instances here given, there is scarcely one in which variation might not have been avoided with a little trouble.
The whole line of country deserves scarcely a better name than that of a desert.
As to the theory itself, it is scarcely more credible than its interjectional counterpart.
Indeed there was scarcely any article of faith which met with so much opposition as this from the heathen philosophers.
To demote, when it came in during the war, was scarcely challenged.
If there is no dirt in a pin and there can be none scarcely, if there is not then the place is the same as up standing.
Charters' tabulations show scarcely any difference in the character and relative rank of the errors discovered.
There is now scarcely any outlet for energy in this country except business.
It is scarcely worth noting that they are different, almost opposites.
The contrast between the sallow, whispering prisoners and their ebullient captors could scarcely be more striking.
They often held their ownership so briefly that one could scarcely believe the ink dry on the license.
The malls have that serene aura of undisturbed wilderness, with scarcely a shopper in sight.
There is scarcely a reader of these paragraphs who will be satisfied.
Setal lengths scarcely longer than blackened setal bases from which they arise.
Its network was blacked out for days with scarcely a word from the company.
What the world is seeing, though, is scarcely any action at all.
Given that a huge sovereign default could occur in scarcely more than a month, there is strangely little nervousness.
Other regional powers could scarcely have been more helpful.
It could be a time-bomb sitting in the portfolios of scarcely regulated offshore insurance companies, for example.

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