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Example sentences for scapegoat

Seems to me that the elderly professor is being made a scapegoat in this affair.
It is entirely possible that he is being set up to be a scapegoat, while the perpetrators walk away.
He was a scapegoat, he said, for a common failure of foresight and courage.
When the players embrace him, the fans who have been unfairly making him a scapegoat will forgive him.
Now the frenemy has become a scapegoat for many of the industry's self-inflicted wounds.
In an election year, politicians will need a scapegoat.
They are an easy scapegoat but are not responsible for hunger and malnutrition in the developing world.
When someone or a company fails, it's always easy to look for a scapegoat excuse.
Making repeated sweeping and derogatory statements on a convenient scapegoat do not help to elevate one's status.
During the last crisis, the industry was a scapegoat for scarcity.
Definition of scapegoat tree, possibly with links to more information and implementations.
It therefore should not be a scapegoat for the solution.
The much maligned subprime market was a convenient scapegoat for the crisis.

Famous quotes containing the word scapegoat

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