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However, additional contrast-enhanced or higher-resolution scans will add to the scan time.
Students are also tested on their ability to quickly scan and identify a list of internal organs.
Users are required to make some claim about who they are-by swiping a card, for example-before a scan.
Brain scan allows unconscious patient to communicate.
Ardent label readers scan nutritional labels for ingredients that they don't want in their diet.
Or you could ask your photo lab not to cut the film, then scan it yourself and feed it to your movie-editing software of choice.
Inform the technologist if you must urinate before the completion of the scan.
Then they were to scan the image into their computer and repeat it to create an entirely new pattern.
When he is less confident, his scan could still be a useful guide for the wielder of the knife.
Observers in these light planes scan for potentially troublesome icebergs.
The search giant's project to scan millions of books in order to make their text searchable is on hold at the moment.
Readers can scan the code in the newspaper and then see videos relating to the article.
Years later, in adults, the failed wall can be spotted in a brain scan.
So the pat down didn't pick up the bomb nor would the superficial body scan.
First off you're going to need to scan the book in question.
The scan showed two areas of bleeding in her left brain and none in her right brain, both doctors said.
No doubt his frantic attempt to scan the bibliography and see if his work is cited will sufficiently distract him.
Your résumé should be easy to scan and understand quickly.
She decided to scan the want ads and apply for select positions.
Radioactive abscess scan uses a radioactive substance to look for abscesses in the body.
But if each peasant has to scan her irises every time she picks up her ration, it will be harder to scam the system.
If you scan their web pages it would be clearly evident.
The hammerhead also has special sensors across its head that helps it scan for food in the ocean.
It is now possible to scan someone's brain and get a reasonable idea of what is going through his mind.
His cardiologist put him through a bunch of tests, including a computerised tomography scan.
The exact meaning of the density value depends on the type of scan performed.
Before reading, have students scan the story to determine its main idea.
Scan the ground for ancient coins, antique keys, and other metal evidence of the past.
The rangers constantly scan a vast, moving sea with binoculars and find nothing.
Give the following questions to each group and have them scan the articles and photo captions for the answers.
Depending on your age and how long you've been sick, a bone density scan might be useful.
Past that wonderfully distinctive gate--scan back up and take a closer look at it--things get even more interesting.
He also used side-scan sonar, which throws down an acoustic signal to create a picture of everything beneath the boat.
For a final scan, he burned them, capturing the plants in a ghostly swirl of smoke.
We scan the horizon in that direction but see only whiteness.
Press the button again when you've completed the scan.
Early birds may be chipper in the morning, but they mentally wear out faster, a new brain-scan study reveals.
Take a virtual tour through space with digital images of the first stars, colliding galaxies, and a scan of the universe.
Coyotes may scan the sky for ravens flying in circles.
Even though it can't scan the whole sky at once, the telescope typically finds about two gamma-ray bursts a week.
When action lulled, he would scan the seascape for clues to better spots.
We scan them for a glimpse of mollifying holiness, and get instead a cruel drumming upon this world's emptiness.
It takes me about eight minutes to scan a twelve page article.
Beforehand, the scan's computer portrays the brain's activity as a palette of fierce reds and rich yellows.
Its system is known as progressive-scan digital television.
Sometimes the workers who show people how to place their fingers on the scanner accidentally scan their own fingerprints.
Travellers can opt for alternative screening methods if they do not want to submit to a full body scan.
Only those containers flagged during the low-level scan would be subjected to a more thorough search.
Scan those lists and see if there's anyone you know, or anyone with a project similar to yours.
If you scan job announcements online, you won't see many that specifically require applicants to have certain certificates.
Those scan-tron sheets and open-ended questions are great when they are used more often.
One-thousandth of a curie is what would be used in a liver scan.
The next time you find yourself in a polite home, scan the mantles for such photos.
Neuroscientists usually scan people's brains looking for tumors or aneurysms or to localize the extent of physical trauma.
All you have to do is scan the list of descriptions, and eventually you'll find the one that's approximately right for you.
Maybe we'll scan our consciousnesses into computers and live inside them as software, forever, virtually.
The scan revealed a major blockage in one of his coronary arteries.
When the ultrasound scan isn't clear, levels of pregnancy hormones are checked for clues.
His brain scan showed no sign of a stroke or brain disorder.
There are programs that can scan images, looking for a particular feature.
The gray-scale pictures would look familiar to anyone who has seen a brain scan, but these images are different.
The gas becomes magnetized and highlights the airways in the scan-but the sacs light up, too, which largely blocks the view.
The helicopter vibrates as it hovers, and the three officers scan the crowded city for any signs of danger.
She had been complaining of pains in her side, and a scan revealed a blockage in her left kidney.
The typical brain scan shows a muted gray rendering of the brain, easily distinguished by a series of convoluted folds.
Mobile phones do not necessarily have the computing power to scan all incoming messages.
Video surveillance can help, but it requires personnel trained to scan crowds and pick out suspicious individuals.
It may decrease legibility but it increases scan-ability.
These systems employ x-rays and computer tomography to scan for suspicious shapes and object densities.
He then used a computer program to scan through genome databases for similar sequences.
If this is so, recording this information during an x-ray scan might indeed help doctors better delineate tumors.
Only about a thousand people have downloaded that scan so far.
Perform a channel scan periodically to check for new digital channels in your area.

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