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The implication seems to be that if you drop a lobster in boiling water, it will pull itself out and scamper out of the room.
Perhaps the foolish scamper was some sort of friendly signal that he ought to have understood.
Next they began to neigh, to curvet, to scamper on all sides over the plain.
Thousands of rats dine with people and scamper over their feet.
They can leap from tree to tree, and they scamper nimbly among the leaves.
Multiple predators, including crabs and flocks of gulls, voraciously prey on hatchlings during this short scamper.
If you lost, you'd scamper home through the back streets.
School is out for a week's holiday so kids of various ages scamper up and down the short, dusty streets.
The primary campaign has seen him scamper back to the hinterland of his party.
Half the size of a shoebox, it can scamper at a rate of five times its own body-length per second.
Occasionally migrants still scamper over the fence with improvised ladders.
The pigs squeal and scamper towards us, pushing their snouts through the metal bars.
Excursions travel through rich kelp forests where otters and seals play, and where crabs and lobster scamper.
Of course, unlike fans, players can always scamper to a climate-controlled clubhouse in a pinch.
But while these mice may seem to scamper haphazardly across the desert floor, their arrangement in nature is strikingly orderly.
Far better than the mousy, introverted kind who resolutely refuse to scamper around doing jetes and arabesques.
Robots fill the skies and scamper over battlefields everywhere.
With remarkable ease, they can scamper across ceilings and up smooth vertical surfaces, and they do so at speed.
They feed on insects and scamper around in the tops of trees.
Those whose holiday routine always includes a last-minute scamper through stores in search of gifts, consider a gift of food.
If he sees or hears you he will give a loud, piercing whistle and scamper clumsily for his den.
You'll see them scamper across power lines and fences in cities where they are right at home living close to people.
Squirrels scamper about gathering the last of the acorns.
The gecko can scamper across sheer surfaces, even vertical walls.
Gray squirrels frequently scamper along its sturdy branches to nearby rooftops.
They are excellent climbers and will escape up trees or scamper around rock faces when approached.
Maybe they'll see a bald eagle soar overhead or a mink scamper along the bank.
If the pig charges, sidestep quickly, taking care to avoid the swing of its tusks and promptly find a tree to scamper up.
The puppies scamper up to the adult, and the babysitter wolf walks off again.
Off they would scamper, apparently frightened for good.

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