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When given the right scaffolding of dialogue and stage business, she too is great.
While it can be an eye sore, construction scaffolding is great for doing pull-ups.
Scaffolding simplifies the task when students are first learning it.
More secrets may be revealed by research into the skeleton's more acknowledged role of scaffolding.
Nucleated cells have an internal scaffolding called a cytoskeleton, made in part of filaments of the protein actin.
The stump of the once-glorious dome is now covered with wooden scaffolding.
Can't wait to see the scaffolding go away and really get a sense of the architecture.
Unfortunately, the collagen hardens and the scaffolding never goes away.
Scaffolding mobilizes those cells and then allows them to regenerate in the shape that we'll need.
The collagen scaffolding is gradually reabsorbed into the body.
The scaffolding protein wraps around the lipid, forming a little disc with the photosynthetic reaction center perched on top.
The chorus loiters in modern dress in scaffolding to the rear and writhing dancers fill the church.
In this situation, there is subtle social coercion in the underlying scaffolding of the decision.
The shop, a few steps down from the street, is bright and sunny-looking despite being partly hidden by scaffolding.
Scaffolding was put up, but it does not appear that any repairs were made.
Two other workers were on the ground beneath the scaffolding when the blocks patched with concrete began to collapse.
Its strength and biocompatibility could make it good for surgical suture or as scaffolding for tissue regeneration.
They form the scaffolding around which the theories of physics are erected, and they define the fabric of our universe.
Take your pick of the possible answers and erect your own moral scaffolding above your choice.
If the fruit is higher on the tree, maybe it requires more scaffolding to observe and describe it, much less harvest it.
Providing that basic intellectual scaffolding used to be a major function of a good high school education.
We are looking at scaffolding that is supposed to support vivid hues.
Even with the construction work and scaffolding, the place was breathtaking.
Ancient masonry hides behind thickets of scaffolding, planks and steel poles.
The requisite scaffolding would surely have required several individuals-and pack animals too.
Besides this, even the best of them are too frequently dependent upon scaffolding.
Let's get the scaffolding up, then, for a pair of whiskers.
Given the typical college teaching load, you may not be able to provide students with the scaffolding and feedback that it takes.
Yet, there's more going on here than the added guidance or scaffolding of an instructor.
But they provide the intellectual scaffolding for our national discourse, and are at the heart of our cultural well-being.
Our dainty little candlestick fruit trees were crisscrossed with scaffolding during the process.
Without the limitations of scaffolding, it would be easier to create multi-cellular tissues, both in a lab and in the human body.
The protein scaffolding is grey and chlorophyll molecules are green.
Meshes of engineered peptides, for example, can stanch bleeding or provide a scaffolding for new neurons to repair brain damage.
They are then placed into a scaffolding structure, made of collagen, which is sculpted to resemble the required organ.
He also invests in businesses as diverse as restaurants and scaffolding.
When it does so, any drugs caged in the molecular scaffolding of the solid should be released.
Scaffolding surrounding the old ferry building remains strung with laundry lines holding up taped pictures.
Scaffolding, plaster and other signs of construction are everywhere.
Small companies in building and scaffolding can search in vain for cover at any price.
The next logical bit of legal scaffolding for a nuclear-freer world would be a fissile-material ban.
The only way to do that was to work on scaffolding towers or the edges of cliffs where my guides had seen them.
Known as dark matter, it gathers to form a colossal cosmic scaffolding.
Tools and techniques are more akin to heavy construction work: scaffolding, water blasting, and sanding.
The shoddy looking scaffolding paired with the name of the company on the corrugated iron fence struck me as odd and beautiful.
Loom- ing behind crowd, the theatre-not quite finished, some scaffolding still in evidence.
Grandfather solved the problem by having a two- story scaffolding built onto a hay wagon.
Building booms keep a lot of people busy-community boards, scaffolding specialists.
Photomicrograph of the molecular scaffolding of axons.
The prose is telegraphic: a scaffolding of nouns and verbs, a few load-bearing adverbs, and a near-absence of adjectival frippery.
Green tarps and bamboo scaffolding covered dozens of buildings.
The interior is a haze of construction dust and a riot of scaffolding.
Haynes climbed the spinning, rocking structure to a perilous and precarious perch high on the scaffolding.
Most tissue-engineering methods produce three-dimensional structures with the help of scaffolding materials.
What's exciting about the approach is that it dramatically simplifies the theoretical scaffolding that supports modern physics.
Up on the scaffolding, where the restorers are at work, things look quite different.
In another application it could expand into scaffolding over which new tissue would grow in a bone cavity.
The combatants deftly clamber up scaffolding, run on the bald heads of the villagers.
Best to give them a glimpse of the cables and scaffolding, the blue-collar artisans who contribute to the over-all fantasy.
Historic sights, newly scrubbed and restored, are coming out from behind scaffolding.
Workers fill in the holes left behind as each row of scaffolding is removed.
The paper resembles the natural scaffolding that surrounds cells in the body.
The rest of the brain's cells, called glia, were long considered little more than scaffolding.
Stem cells placed in a scaffolding generate a brand new rat heart outside the body.
Scrambling up the scaffolding to the dig, he wears his pith helmet.
Dunk the frame into soapy water, and the bubble trapped inside takes on the same shape as the surrounding scaffolding.
It is a kind of temporary scaffolding that is gradually replaced, as the smoker grows, by metal sulfides.
If you don't know about the scaffolding that has since been removed, it looks impossible.
They could even have provided a scaffolding for the evolution of animals.
Physical and social capacities shared across the primate order help us function and provide the scaffolding for learning.
And that provides the scaffolding for learning that can take place when you're in an environment that has lots of tools.
What with the tourniquet of a tight bodice or the suffocating scaffolding bra beneath, all available flab is forced up.

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