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All this suggests that, with a little marketing savvy, the possibilities for celebrating the unfamous are limitless.
Savvy theater owners always knew the key to success: adapt or die.
Well, the latest research is in, and the answer is a resounding no: boys are not more math savvy.
In your research paper, you come across as pretty savvy with regard to the terminology and technology of information.
It will be shown in this election whether or not it pays to be social networking savvy.
If you really are as computer-savvy as you say then you already know that.
Instead, what others would see in your purchase of an iPod was the indication that you were a savvy digital music owner.
For any fashion savvy individual, these products are prized possessions.
College presidents appear to be more tech-savvy than members of the public are.
But philanthropists say it is also a testament to savvy college leaders and smart fund raisers.
The catch, of course, is that not all students have the same opportunities or an equal degree of savvy.
We need someone who can relate to today's techno-savvy students.
First, they object that they are not tech savvy enough to pull this off for themselves.
One need not be camera-friendly or media-savvy to work for a civic or political organization.
The need for such career savvy is only expected to grow, given current economic trends.
The overall feel is savvy youthfulness-the kids are in the kitchen, and they're better at it.
Many were also financially savvy, working long hours and making six-figure incomes.
Their actions tell me that they don't have a good sense of what's politically savvy.
Its reliance on online retailers makes it less suited to less web-savvy emerging markets.
Savvy, satirical and fluent in pop culture, this voice also uses self-deprecation to inoculate against criticism.
Tech-savvy entrepreneurs may buy or start law firms and offer more services online.
With opportunistic savvy, she serves beer and companionship to both government soldiers and rebel militias.
Most people are not extremely tech savvy, so when they go to buy new products they look for popular, name brand stuff.
The fact of the matter is that almost all of the jobs available require you to be technologically savvy.
It appears that savvy investors can indeed make sustained profits from the carry trade.
Savvy companies increasingly offer experiences as a way of hooking customers.
Today's generation of dads grew up more tech-savvy than ever.
What would once have been a colossal mistake turned out to be a savvy career move.
With a little savvy you can turn a spontaneous shot into a masterpiece.
She also is a skilled fundraiser with an extremely savvy campaign organization that is the envy of many in the political world.
Intelligent, savvy player who carries game-time intensity to practice.
Explore neighborhoods, take a virtual dive to a barrier reef, and show your ecosystem savvy with a habitats quiz.
Destination-savvy travelers seek out businesses that emphasize the character of the locale.
These information-packed guides offer savvy advice and the in-depth information that sophisticated travelers demand.
And even for those, the people who are less technologically savvy are absent.
These circles don't provide evidence of geometrically savvy visitors from outer space.
The complexity of modern police leadership also creates a space that favors smart, savvy and effective operators.
Some of the animals weren't sufficiently savvy or cautious--in short, they were not wild enough.
People who feel strongly about something are often media-savvy.
But savvy execs can work out how much the movie is likely to generate and make sure the production costs are less than that.
Sophisticated and savvy yet really friendly with lots of heart and a mischievous streak.
It's because he possessed the kind of savvy that allowed him to get what he wanted from the world.
Medical knowledge and technical savvy are biodegradable.
It was a subtly impressive demonstration of the alternative payment system's appeal to the tech-savvy.
The sharing economy is on fire, ignited by business savvy and mobile devices and fanned by post-Recession bargain hunters.
But consumers don't necessarily have the same computer savvy.
If they are savvy enough, they can then upload it and use it for matching someone later.
One is that search engines must accommodate a wide range of users, from the novice to the savvy.
They were savvy owners, keeping costs low and circulations high.
He was more technologically savvy and involved with trading.
Conceptually, it was a good-some might say brand-savvy-idea.
She is really smart and really savvy, and she refuses to make choices based on fear.
The savvy decision proved that this heir is more than able to stand on his own two feet.
Their final requirement was a partner with some market savvy in order to make the leap from the faculty club to the trading floor.
But with good ideas and savvy tactics, you can still achieve your retirement goals.
The coolest new accessories for the style savvy may be a pincushion and a pair of pinking shears.
Wanted: a media-savvy imagemaker, good at staging and location shoots.
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