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Study subjects who expressed a preference for sweet over savory tastes also tended to be more agreeable.
Heat the chicken fat in a deep skillet, add the celery, scallions and savory and saute for a few minutes.
We certainly have diplomatic recognition with far less savory governments.
Design a backyard garden and harvest your own savory produce.
But you can also go the savory route and make breads to complement your dinner course.
Savory or sweet, plain or flavored, it aims to please.
Su bin: flaky pastries with savory and sweet fillings.
Mushrooms lend a meaty element to this savory mixture, and the kale packs a nutritious punch.
Judging by the anti-Western vitriol of your post, that would be a savory irony.
Cafeteria cuisine can be forgettable-but the people you dine with can make lunchtime a savory experience.
If you're looking to make a more savory bread you can skip it.
But there are cultures that use rhubarb in savory cooking and not only in conjunction with sweet ingredients.
Heat and a bit of blackening gives the tomato a savory depth that's only enhanced by toasted chiles.
The brown sugar and soy sauce marinade tenderizes the meat and cooks down into a sticky, deliciously savory sauce.
Stick some steaks in your cooler along with this savory butter to take to the campsite.
Whatever variety you choose, these dishes will help you get to know this squash's savory side.
If you gave me a choice between sweet and salt savory, savory would win hands down.
Olive oil in savory dishes, dairy-free margarine in sweet.
Pork belly can take on both sweet and savory flavors, with maple sugar or syrup in the cure, or with garlic and herbs.
All of the above bring out the savory soy in these skirt steak skewers off the grill.
It's an enormous bowl of savory broth, house-smoked pork belly, and fish cakes.
Offer spinach salad laced with ribbons of raw pumpkin and a bruschetta bar with a trio of savory toppings on crisp toasts.
One is crostini, slices of bread covered with chicken livers or some other savory spread.
The tenderness of the pasta against the savory, sometimes chewy filling seems suave and satisfying.
The final savory course was a strange cross-cultural experiment.
It blends a savory stew of ingredients that, when whisked together, create a wondrously tasty and visually stunning dish.
The slow cooker releases the juices of chicken legs and vegetables to make a savory stew.
Why you're even pretty good at knowing that savory taste, umami.
Whole pies and slices, breakfast treats and even some savory pies will be available.
Whether you choose to head east or west with a savory custard hardly affects the technique.
They have also started baking savory tarts and, for breakfast, muffins and scones.
My initial thought was to make savory turnovers stuffed with autumnal ingredients.
All this so-called sweet-savory interplay that chefs attempt is nothing new or innovative.
Make two different savory filling for easy an yummy tacos.

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