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Example sentences for savor

Self-righteousness is a gift that never loses its savor and flavor.
Pick your flavor of cynicism and savor it, because supersonic flight won't be back anytime soon.
Though you should be out planting, take time to savor the glories of the cherry trees and tulips.
Pasties need the right environment for their full savor.
Savor the flavors of travel with this guide to the world's best trips for foodies and more.
He was especially slow about eating a piece of banana he would savor it for the longest time.
With an ecosystem under siege, every moment in this wild wonderland is one to savor.
Take a deep breath and savor the sweet stench of disappointment.
My apologies to those of you who have enough time to read and savor this.
These small eggs are normally fried in butter to enhance their delicate savor.
Because it was so long, it was both wonderful and challenging, something to both savor and endure.
He fans these little flippers under his tale to spread the urine around his apartment and savor its aroma.
Thinking about cash impairs the ability to savor experiences.
On top of that, savor the country's cuisine and crafts and get a lesson in how to dance the tango.
Allow enough time to savor the subtle beauty of this vast wilderness.
So they savor and celebrate each episode accordingly.
Savor the memories of fine wine by saving and recycling the corks.
Then the only trick is not to overeat, but savor the distinct qualities of the foods you've found.
Instant-feedback vibrations help you savor each shot as you unleash your wrath on the undead.
So savor the good days, grit your teeth through the lousy ones, and keep on muddling.
Savor living by the sea in a corner of your backyard.
They savor the richness of a product that is typically considered contraband.
She's had a lot of health problems this year, so we're going to savor the time with her.
The first thing to do is to stroll around this marvelous building and savor its architecture and spiritual atmosphere.
She wants to be free to savor the experience, to stroll around the village, exchange pins with other athletes.
The enforced downtime allows you to savor the experience-and the culture of people who live there.
Surely this was what existence strained to be, and so rarely had the chance: to savor itself fully in the present.
What they do savor is a saucepan of sauteed morsels releasing their own juices and earthy aroma.
Jot down or text-message yourself about each day's happiest moments so you'll have a detailed record to review and savor.
With his uncanny sense of weight and instinctive pounce, he seemed to savor the music.
Savor the best food the south has to offer or simply find a bench and spend the day people watching.
So relax, stay in bed a little longer and savor your morning.
The geologist, seeking the ultimate origin and history of these metamorphic rocks, gets to savor some wonderful scenery.
Savor summer's fresh, locally grown produce by visiting a farmers market.
Festival-goers can savor delicious cuisines, experience cultural performances, and connect with valuable services and resources.

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