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Example sentences for savior

In doing so he took upon himself the task of playing the part of the savior of the ring.
Minder had cast me as the enemy of first-year composition and himself as the savior of the program.
Change is often viewed not as a savior but as a threat.
The sound of those flapping backpacks may herald the arrival of that savior.
Bond is a reluctant savior, if he turns out to be a savior at all.
Yes please let's stop perpetuating the idea that librarianship will be the savior of academics looking for work.
Nuclear power, once among environmentalists' chief enemies, is now being touted as an environmental savior in a warming world.
For long it was touted as the savior for all the ills of the industry, without defining what it stands for.
Principal reductions have been touted as the savior of the foreclosure crisis.
He is, at this point, a savior for people who badly need one.
Captive breeding has long been lauded as the potential savior for many species that are threatened with extinction.
Perhaps courts are the wrong savior for our privacy concerns.
Although some seem to think it will help inaugurate a savior next year.
It's amusing to see the number of people here looking for that techno savior.
Snowboarding has been my savior, allowing me to keep my blood pumping and to take every advantage of what mountain snow can offer.
Prepare to meet the franchise's latest hoops savior.

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Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, for he has looked favorably on his people and redeemed them. He has raised up a might... more
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