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Break each egg separately into a saucer, and carefully slip into a muffin ring.
Each frame starts with a ready-made open-backed cube or shadow box deep enough to hold a small saucer.
Once indoors, set the pot on a waterproof saucer in a cool, bright location away from heat sources.
One depicts a lonely tea service laid out, a single cup and saucer ready for use.
But the genius touch comes on the side: a saucer of powdered sugar.
The hand that puts fish on the saucer has changed, too.
The snail liked it when the violets were watered, waving its tentacles in apparent delight as it descended to the saucer to drink.
Turn the saucer right side up and center it on top of the flowerpot.
Slide a plastic saucer, with a few small pieces of gravel in it, inside the opening of each shoe.
Vila sets beside the carafe a loaf of bread, a knife, and a saucer filled with extremely fruity olive oil.
She was nervous to ask, waiting until he'd smoked the last of his cigarettes, crushing it with a firm twist into the saucer.
Barry asked with a silky voice as he picked up a cup and saucer from the tray.
The former downhill ski area now sports a fenced-in area for sliding down the hill on a sled, tube or saucer.
That's actually true, but not because no politician dares risk the ire of the shadow government that controls the saucer fleet.
Tip o' the flying saucer beret to the approximately eight billion people who sent me email about this newsletter article.
On the other hand, they'd probably claim every other galaxy was a flying saucer.
They believe that a flying saucer really did crash, and the government doesn't want the public to know.
It is a vast peat-filled bog inside a huge, saucer-shaped depression that was once part of the ocean floor.
Large, saucer-shaped nests are shaped by both parent fish by fanning the bottom with their tail.
Local officials installed a flying saucer in the town park to make for good photo ops for tourists.

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All that is necessary to do with this drink is to place it in an open saucer on the window sill and inhale ... more
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