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Example sentences for satisfied

We partied until dark and felt truly satisfied with our accomplishments.
Not all of a zoo's residents can be satisfied by the same meals.
The people who do better and better work are people who are never satisfied.
As a farmer, it is rewarding to be a steward of a small piece of land and have so many satisfied and satiated customers.
Never be satisfied with your first view of a place or the first frame you snap.
After a while they filter back out, finding nothing, satisfied that for now they have gotten away with it.
Besides, with only two small bathrooms on our floor, there is no way everyone can be satisfied.
These services are free and reliable, and there's no reason why you shouldn't be satisfied with them.
Bringing in partners is a down payment on satisfied new faculty.
It is all too easy to be satisfied with being the authority, the expert in your field.
Read about satisfied, happy people doing really, really interesting stuff.
Allow yourself a satisfied smirk, as you've gotten one step further than you get with a lot of recipes.
We are less satisfied with our health care than our counterparts in other countries.
For today, we'll have to be satisfied with his collected works so far, and a few selections from his twitter feed.
We get satisfied investors with protection concepts fort hem and with adequate insurance solutions of our partners.
It makes you satisfied and feel complete at that moment when it becomes infectious.
Physical laws must be satisfied for any system, atoms or people.
We weren't satisfied with the highest and best government the world had ever seen and improving.
When those three conditions are satisfied, you have as close as you can to a perfectly functional free market.
The sisters, not satisfied with this reply, soon made her confess that she had never seen him.
Be satisfied with success in even the smallest matter, and think that even such a result is no trifle.
Whether one can be satisfied with this explanation is a question.
Probably, the closer contact with his audience as lecturer than as writer satisfied his hunger for sympathy.
We will probe the edges of our universe with a gusto that only a satisfied carnivore can muster.
There must be some need that is being satisfied by these baseless beliefs.
He found that when you compare rich countries to poor countries, the people in the wealthy nations were more satisfied.
What previous work has shown is that the criteria for observing bubble collisions can be satisfied in some cases.
If you are not satisfied with these explanations, you can simply wait for more data.
We admirers of our parasite overlords would have been satisfied.
So if you are satisfied with close enough, then in principle its possible.
Some science writers are satisfied with writing a piece and calling it a day.
If people do not vote, they say, citizens must be satisfied with the government.
Hungrier students can come back for more, but satisfied students don't leave a lot on their plates.
It certainly satisfied my need for something sweet, not that it stopped me from baking a peach and blueberry pie two days later.
Primitive tribes often believed that only by the shedding of blood could the debt incurred by certain crimes be satisfied.
His friends were often not satisfied with his answer, and for that matter, neither was he.
The first crime is still unsolved, and the verdict in the second case has by no means satisfied everybody.
She called an attorney, whose first question was whether she was satisfied with the terms of her inheritance.
Speaking to student groups brought her out and satisfied her lifelong urge to teach.
Those whose curiosity has not been satisfied have their work cut out for them.
Everyone knew that her perfectionism was rarely satisfied by her efforts.
The government of the world must be entrusted to satisfied nations, who wished nothing more for themselves than what they had.
And three quarters said they were satisfied with their relationships with co-workers.
The press, satisfied that the whole thing was a hoax, decamped.
But unlike the rest of us, he was not satisfied to simply make use of existing darkroom equipment.
Needs in the lower categories have to be satisfied before needs in the higher ones can act as motivators.
But he must be mightily satisfied with developments this week.
They often treat creditors badly too, meaning that neither side ends up satisfied.
As long as investors were satisfied with their returns, there would be no cause for concern.
For instance, older voters are less satisfied with their lives and more pessimistic about the economic future.
Consumption is satisfied partly by objects produced currently and partly by objects produced previously, ie by disinvestment.
Much of the world's growing demand for protein is satisfied here.
You'll arrive energized, and leave satisfied that you've done something that will make your mom proud.
If so then all parties could be satisfied without so much as moving a single headstone.
They have disappointed more people than people they have satisfied.
Too many of them actually believe that they are happy and satisfied the way they are.
And while not everyone is satisfied with the answers, these methods for combatting infertility are being used widely today.
But, the phone companies don't seem to think consumers and business users will be satisfied by the way their networks operate now.
It says to them: see, your citizens can be economically satisfied without you having to worry about this democracy stuff.
Culture satisfied, you can get down to the serious business of pastries.
The moving party has not satisfied any part of the judgment.
Your filed copy will be returned to you when all requirements have been satisfied.

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