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Example sentences for satisfactory

And on the whole, the progress thus reported is highly satisfactory.
Appointment will be for one year, with possible renewal dependent upon funding and satisfactory review.
Two and a half millennia of debate have, however, failed to produce a satisfactory answer.
They understood how to plan great architectural and engineering works and to carry them to a satisfactory conclusion.
They demand to be shown satisfactory proof of safety.
Drip irrigation is ideal to help reduce disease problems, but overhead irrigation is satisfactory.
Various explanations have been offered, none of them terribly satisfactory.
She gave a generally satisfactory account of herself.
Those records had a satisfactory distribution and got us even on some radio and television shows.
Filtered shade is best, but full sun can be satisfactory.
Moreover, neither technology nor major military or similar efforts have provided a satisfactory solution to the problem.
Satisfactory reference and background checks are a condition of employment.
It is neither so simple as to be trivial or too difficult for satisfactory solution.
Drinking from the straw was hardly more satisfactory.
Many old roses, shrub roses, and species roses do not need regular fertilizer if growth is satisfactory.
We will be acting as quickly as possible to find a satisfactory solution for our customers.
Four were in satisfactory condition and a fifth was in stable condition.
Employment in this position is contingent upon a satisfactory background check.
The first is that she has made satisfactory arrangements for the remainder of her long life.
Yet more farm-subsidies hardly seem a satisfactory answer.
It is such a complete solution, indeed, rarely has science ever discovered such a satisfactory explanation for anything.
It is entirely possible that the microprocessor business will not have a satisfactory growth rate in the years to come.
There are calls within the party for him to resign if he cannot reach a satisfactory outcome by the end of this month.
If the result upon one trial is not satisfactory they can try again.
Saving makes possible our future financial goals-including a satisfactory retirement.
No country, he admits, has yet come up with a satisfactory answer.
Reliability of such plants has proven to be extremely satisfactory.
The attendance was good and the bidding satisfactory.
If you do, you can say you are confident that you will be able to agree on satisfactory compensation.
The gentlemen arrived on an early train, and have since combined business with pleasure in a way satisfactory to all.
The outcome, however, is less clean and much less satisfactory than the regulators seem to think.
In addition, a school district can confer tenure on a teacher within three years, if he or she gets satisfactory evaluations.
The offer is contingent on a satisfactory background check.
Yet it did not add up to form a truly satisfactory whole.
Neither approach provides a satisfactory view of what is uniquely human.
Even this would seem to get the main ideas into the academic record in a more satisfactory manner than a non-reviewed web journal.
Panicky regicide rarely results in satisfactory outcomes.
One hotel treated me as a customer and it was a fine satisfactory time.
We should encourage programs to make judgments about students who are not making satisfactory progress.
None of these hypotheses, by itself, is purely satisfactory.
Your overall rating came out to satisfactory for your first year here with us.
While plausible, these explanations are not satisfactory.
Personally, doing this work here is challenging but also satisfactory from both personal and professional points of view.
And the cutback in defense spending has slowed the economy and brought higher unemployment than anyone finds satisfactory.
Upon the satisfactory solution of this problem depends our material and intellectual growth.
We can offer no wholly satisfactory answer to this important question.
There are a few time-honored and partly satisfactory explanations.
Economists never have arrived at a satisfactory theory for weighting the various factors that affect investment.
Nevertheless, the situation was by no means satisfactory.
On some railroads, also, they are reported as being satisfactory laborers.
It's as satisfactory as the smell of fresh-made toast in the early morning or an ice-cream soda on a hot summer's day.
They were clunky, had difficulty syncing, and there was no satisfactory desktop client.
Hiring is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of a background check.
They say it's not satisfactory that a lot of money and military power support the unreasonable, unlawful solution.
If you have made no satisfactory progress after three or four weeks, consider court action.
None of these ideas, though, is really satisfactory.
These are clearly involved in some cases, but have never looked satisfactory as complete explanations.
The report occasionally hints at such dilemmas, only to shy away from discussing them in a satisfactory way.
In other respects, however, it is less satisfactory.
In the end, the only satisfactory answer is for suppliers to persuade their customers to value them more highly.
And the government offered no satisfactory explanation for its sudden change of stance.
And governments, unfortunately, have not nearly begun addressing these factors in a truly satisfactory way.
Although the overall performance of the euro area has been satisfactory, the divergence among its members is growing.
They will default immediately when the job is done to a satisfactory extent.
Checks will not be cashed until a satisfactory ruling is received.
But economics may not give a satisfactory understanding of the events of the past year.
The plaintiffs' attorneys do not consider that a satisfactory answer.
The firm guarantees the package satisfactory or your money returned.
Another difficult problem was that of providing a satisfactory frame of civil government.
But on the basis of the theory of relativity the method of interpretation is incomparably more satisfactory.
His value as literary material had been realized in part, but no satisfactory portrait of him had been drawn.
The civil service can never be placed on a satisfactory basis until it is regulated by law.
There is perhaps something missing, a complement by the addition of which the theory would be made completely satisfactory.
In order that the treatment may be satisfactory, the abscess must be seen before it is opened.
The results of the measurements confirmed the theory in a thoroughly satisfactory manner.
On the whole, this is a sensible and satisfactory foundation for society.
We smile an inward smile, too deeply permeating and satisfactory for outward laughter.
Writer discusses book lights, of which he has made an inadvertent collection, none of them satisfactory.
He has never considered my scenery-selection strategy a completely satisfactory way to build a cellar.
Such negativity exposes another, more pernicious bias: people tend not to review things they find merely satisfactory.
Neither of these two possibilities is in any way satisfactory.
There needs to be a satisfactory return for the investment and a constant reevaluation of goals.
Fairness is a concept that represents a judgment by two or more people about whether an exchange between them is satisfactory.
There are various ways to surgically correct this, none of which seemed to me particularly satisfactory.
In short there will be no satisfactory resolution for anyone.
It may not be completely satisfactory from a philosophical point of view, but it seems to work pretty well.
At that point your performance is measured and if found satisfactory, your tax break is extended by another year.
As such, only an appeal to the necessity of existence can potentially provide a satisfactory answer.
Irradiation is a stressor that also could increase the mutation rate, hence not as satisfactory.
Suppose that you finally arrive, thereby, at a satisfactory system of morals.
We have yet to hear a satisfactory answer from you regarding antimatter.
By themselves, none of the explanations are wholly satisfactory.
One, satisfactory growth can be achieved only if accompanied by inflation.
In the past, research on this topic has not yielded satisfactory results either for the researcher or the research staff.
No teacher should be allowed a step or pay increase for a less than satisfactory evaluation.
In any event, it's not satisfactory at giving heft or consequence to any of those stories.
Funding may continue for up to five years, based on satisfactory performance and availability of federal funds.
If these combinations are found to be satisfactory, then all of the others on this type of vehicle normally will be satisfactory.
The goal of vocational rehabilitation is their ultimate satisfactory placement and adjustment as qualified employees.
The prequalification status will remain provisional until a satisfactory performance evaluation of the vendor's work is completed.
The purpose is to discuss the charge and reach an agreement that is satisfactory to all parties.

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