satiated in a sentence

Example sentences for satiated

But could not keep the hunger of wild pack dogs satiated those were unleashed for liberation, they have now turned inwards.
Some satiated caterpillars then attach the empty snail shells onto their speckled casings.
Animals can become satiated and will refuse any more food even if it is their favorite.
As a big runner and a big eater this absolutely satiated me.
Even in their satiated state, the large sharks can put up a pretty good fight.
We were both satiated with the food and the service, but the decor really makes the meal special.
Before long, the pups were completely satiated and practically immobilized.
As a farmer, it is rewarding to be a steward of a small piece of land and have so many satisfied and satiated customers.
Curiosity is a burning hunger that can never be satiated.

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